It’s an ongoing exhibition that will have, at least, one artwork, from each country, affected by the disease and will be on display until the Covid19 pandemic passes.

April 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — During this unprecedented time of isolation, when most art galleries are closed, there is something new. “Happy Hatt – art gallery” is happy to announce the opening of the world’s first art exhibition in the age of Covid19. From artists around the globe, “Happy Hatt – art gallery” opened its doors with its first exhibition #ArtUnderQuarantine. This Instagram gallery account @happyhattcom is collecting the best Covid19 related artworks out there.

This unique exhibition it’s an ongoing open call for the artistic community, from all kinds of art: painting, drawing, illustration, poetry, photograph, video, animation and interactive installations.

The exhibition continues growing in a daily basis, which now includes more than 100 artists from more than 50 countries (Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada China, France, Germany, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Peru, Portugal, Turkey or USA for instance), from 5 continents.

The curators of this initiative are a couple that loves traveling and art as well. Now working themselves from home, with their kids. They paused their travel around the world project and they started preparing this new venue in the middle of March when they had to work from home like so many other people around the world.

The curators, challenged the artistic community to submit their artwork, created during this period or related to our pandemic times.

Asked about the project, the couple said that they are finding a community where we might not have looked before. Artists have new subjects for reflecting and more time to create. We realized that a new artistic trend was emerging: the art under quarantine.

On the other hand, visitors – isolated at home have more time. They can do more of what makes them happy during their time in lock-down. Actually, they can literally “travel” around the world with art.

Since the beginning of the initiative, they are receiving dozens of submissions each day. Till now the visitors are mainly artists that submit their art but they expect to gain more followers from art lovers around the world.

Themes include creative pleas for consumers to stay home, playful takes on the newly ubiquitous face masks, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, toilet paper features prominently too.

The #ArtUnderQuarantine exhibition will surprise the gallery visitors with the variety and creativity.

ABOUT #ArtUnderQuarantine
An art exhibition curated by art lovers. A couple that loves traveling, currently at home, in isolation, with their kids, proposed to be the world’s 1st exhibition in the age of Covid19, from artists around the globe.

Artworks include painting, drawing, illustrations, poetry, photograph, video, animation, and interactive installations.

An ongoing exhibition that will have, at least, one artwork from each country affected by the disease and will be on display until the Covid19 pandemic passes.

Gallery: Happy Hatt – art gallery @happyhattcom
Exhibition: #ArtUnderQuarantine
Curators: Sonya and Mikel – art lovers
E-mail: [email protected]

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