Iafrate’s sweeping, extraordinary story lines reveal the richness of the human experience told through the eyes of finely drawn characters.

WILMINGTON, NC, November 23, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Author Gina Iafrate has announced the release of a new novel, ‘Releases From My Soul’. Gina Iafrate writes sweeping family sagas that allow readers to travel the globe without leaving home. Like fine pieces of music, her books are layered, providing readers with intricately formed mental images, punctuated by dramatic movements. Gina’s extraordinary story lines reveal the richness of the human experience told through the eyes of finely drawn characters.

In the new book, Gina Iafrate presents us with a new collection of anthologies, crafted through a distinctive and intriguing combination of true stories, adventures and experiences from her life.

Gina gifts us with poems drawn from the depth of her soul. Some of the factual novellas were drawn directly from the author’s interesting life experiences, events and travel. Others were drawn purely from imagination.

Immerse yourself in these remarkable creations that will leave you breathless.

Her travel and interesting life experiences have set the scene for much of her writing. Known for her quick-paced narration and descriptive atmosphere, Gina’s words take the reader on unforgettable journeys, along with the characters she creates.

“A passion for literature is a gift I’ve held since birth,” Iafrate stated. “This prompted me to put down on paper my experiences, derived from the feelings deep in my heart. Drawn from my experiences, research, travel and studies, I hope to use these stories to motivate others; to spread kindness, love, to inspire and to share a positive outlook on life. We can all become better human beings and live in a peaceful world.”

Gina Iafrate is the author of three other novels. In ‘Bestowed By Love And Splendour’, a broken-hearted wife and mother unexpectedly finds herself taken away from her tormented life. On the exotic island of Sardinia, she becomes hypnotized by nature’s beauty; the cloudless sky, the emerald blue hues of the sea and the gentleness of the people. But fate strikes once more. Destiny takes over and transports her to a world beyond her imagination, allowing her to find peace, love and splendour.

In ‘The Girl From The Cornfield’, it is 1950 and Giuliana Ferrante is growing up in a sleepy town deep in the Italian mountains. Her young life is rocked to its core by a vicious attack that shatters the peaceful existence that she and many around her have always taken for granted. Giuliana, determined to make a future for herself, flourishes by working tirelessly toward her education, securing a legal degree and ultimately a successful position in the business world. She conquers all with kindness and love, managing to rise above the painful memories of her youth. This sweeping, inspirational tale hurdles across time, countries, and characters as it explores how love can heal, reconcile, and restore.

Iafrate is also the author of ‘The English Professor’. In that book, Andrew Robertson, an introverted, middle-aged professor leaves his unremarkable London life to embark on a journey to Sicily where strangers welcome him kindly. In this Mediterranean setting, he develops a burning infatuation for another man’s wife. Falling into each other’s arms, Andrew and Francesca both satisfy the longings they have felt all their adult lives. Their union results in a child. But Andrew must go back to London and Francesca must protect herself, Andrew and their child from the violent reach of her husband.

‘The English Professor’ was a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards’. Gina has received praise from readers and reviewers alike. One stated, “A fascinating tale of victory of over injustice where love, grit and determination conquers all.” Another said, “A captivating story, hooked after the first chapter and I couldn’t put it down.” Another stated, “All men and women should read this author to understand their own relationships. 3rd book I read by this author. I enjoy the imaginative way that she has captured the realities of women’s life experiences and yet made the adventures understandable rather than scandalous.”

Gina Iafrate is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. Her books are available at online retailers and traditional brick and mortar bookstores. More information is available at her website at http://www.ginaiafrate.com.

Gina Iafrate is bilingual. She writes in both Italian and English. Originally from Italy, Gina Iafrate now divides her time between Hollywood, Florida; Niagara, Ontario; and Europe. Gina’s works have been exhibited at The Pier 21 Museum in Halifax, and in Phoenix Magazine, The Horizon, and Author’s Voice. She is a 2016 Book Excellence Award Finalist. She has appeared in the annual Writers Forum and Niagara Area Artists.

She lives with her husband in Hollywood, Florida, and Niagara, Ontario, Canada.

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