“It’s A Dog’s Life” Exhibit Honors Man’s Best Friend with Free Admission

FORT WORTH, TX, August 30, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Art lovers are in for a real treat, especially if they are also dog lovers!

It’s A Dog’s Life” is now open to the public from January 15 through September 30 at the DFW Elite Toy Museum. Located at 5940 Eden in Haltom City, this exhibition is a remarkable and thoroughly enjoyable celebration of dogs. Free admission and dog-friendly museum located in Haltom City, it does not get better than that.

DFW Elite Toy Museum is a labor of love for local businessman Ron Sturgeon, and “It’s A Dog’s Life” is his way of expressing his love for dogs and sharing his hobby of love with the public. The exhibition includes a Victorian Period Collage, a vintage and antique toy display, a 1930’s Store Window Tapper, and a Lap of Luxury Display. And, of course, one of the finest collections of “dog art” found anywhere in the United States.

That art includes an assortment of American and European artists of serious reputation, their paintings and sculptures, many dating back to Victorian times.

John Hayes was an animal painter during the late 19th Century who painted mainly dogs plus an occasional cat. His paintings were usually set in a playful scene, dogs having fun in a natural setting. “Defense of the Realm” depicts, in typical Hayes fashion, what looks like puppies playing on a couch. It is a joyful painting, bringing back pleasing memories for anyone who has ever raised a puppy and enjoyed their enthusiasm.

The paintings of John Hayes can be found in many venues around the world and of course in private collections owned by dog lovers like Ron Sturgeon.

“So many of these paintings and toys are timeless,” Sturgeon says. “You could enjoy them in 1850 and still enjoy them today. You could play with the toys in 1900 and have as much fun playing with them today. And the dogs depicted in the paintings, well, dogs are forever. That’s how it is with the true treasures of the world. They span generations, they are not affected by time, and they bring pleasure to practically everyone.”

Some of the other paintings found at the “It’s A Dog’s Life” exhibit include:
• “A Good Shot” by Henry Wilkinson
• “Incident in the Classroom” by Lucien Gerard
• “Dignity and Imprudence” by Sir Edwin Landseer
• “Rover” by Colin Graeme Roe
• “Itsy Bitsy Spider” by Thomas J. Hill

The DFW Elite Toy Museum began as a hobby for owner Ron Sturgeon, but Sturgeon soon realized that hobbies of collectibles were meant to be shared with the public. Thus began the museum, originally designed as a toy car museum but which soon branched out to include other collectible and antique toy displays. The museum is free to the public and, to reflect Ron’s love of dogs, furry friends are always welcomed with open arms.

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