Amazon Best Selling Author

NEWARK, NJ, February 27, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Erica Darlene Sampson is a transformational speaker and best-selling author.

In this book, she shares her journey of how her PAIN of death of loved ones and broken relationships have led her to look inside of herself; to discover that there’s a seed of greatness that has been planted within her from the beginning of time. Now, she already has the courage to believe that there is greatness inside all of us. Erica hopes that these words will inspire you to view your pain as fuel to cultivate that seed and began to walk into your “Destiny.”

In a recent interview with Steve Kidd, the host of “Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show,” she said, “Even after writing this book, I still had daily problems. One of the things that helped me then and now is to stop once in a while and take a moment in my life to write down five things that I’m grateful for. It really helps. It may be tough cause you’re in the midst of what you’re going through but just sit there until you come up with five things you’re grateful for. Pay attention to your now. You are a spirit being; you are greater than anything you’re going through right now.”

Steve encourages you to get Erica’s book on Amazon today, “You have the power of greatness within you. But the question is, do you believe it? You need to celebrate yourself and see the traumas and tribulations you went through as things that have just helped polish you to become the even more diamond that you are now.”

Erica Darlene Sampson is a Transformational Speaker and Author. She is a Newark, New Jersey native. She graduated from Malcolm X Shabazz High School and Montclair State University. She enjoys helping others to dig deep within themselves to bring out their “Best” by understanding they have been designed with a purpose and on purpose. At an early age, she realized that acting, performing, dancing, speaking and writing would be a part of her life forever. She had the privilege to grace Newark Symphony Hall and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center stage in an off-Broadway musical, Gospel Play. She was fortunate to perform as well on Madison Square Garden stage, where she danced next to her future Husband.

She is married to Mr. Adesina N. Sampson Sr, and they have three beautiful children Adera, AJ, and Z’Lagi. She is the Chief Operating Officer of their family-owned business called Adera De; which is a Movement and Motivation Company serving individuals of all ages thru dance, fitness, and wellness. Today she delivers a message of Hope and Triumph to all she has the privilege of crossing paths with.

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