Spectacular Art Exhibit will seat 800 elite guests for a Charity Dinner at the American Stock Exchange Building in New York City.

NEW YORK, NY, January 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — World renowned artist Daryush Shokof has created a conceptual work of art that is considered the most valuable installation ever offered to auction. The billion dollar artwork, called ART4+, consists of a seesaw with one billion dollars in real cash on one side. On the opposite side of the seesaw sits a very small mystery element that appears to outweigh the paper money.

Opening bids for the piece is a staggering 4 Billion Dollars, but much of the funds raised will go to charity. The artist, who left Iran in the 1970s for the U.S. under the name of AliReza.

Shokoufandeh, studied mathematics and physics at E.N.M.U., earned a masters degree, will dedicate at least 10 million USD from sales to support humanitarian causes.

“My goal is to show people something they have never seen before, and through this process, promote global wellness and peace to all who live on planet earth,” said Shokof. “The first stage, primary goal of the auction will be to help free Political Prisoners in Iran.”

Expected to attend this historic cultural event are Global Leaders, International Royalty, Heads of State, influential Art World Personalities and Prominent Dignitaries. Price per plate for the event is 10,000 Dollars USD.

The ART4+ conceptual art auction is truly a historic event because it will feature, and sell to the highest bidder, the most valuable artwork ever sold in an auction. The art piece will actually have 1 Billion Dollars in real money on one side of a stylized see saw, and a small mystery element on the other. Only the artist knows what the unknown element is made of.

“I wanted to create an example of true art that evokes a unique experience through its portrayal,” said Shokof. “I hope people find my work inspirational, and that it leads to good works around the world.”

This special event will be held on June 23, 2018 at The American Stock Exchange Building in New York City. To learn more about this occasion, or to purchase tickets, visit https://www.art4ny.com.

About Daryush-Shokof:

Daryush Shokof is an artist and film-maker who left Iran in the 1970s for the U.S. and under the name of AliReza Shokoufandeh. He studied mathematics and physics at E.N.M.U. and then went on to get a masters degree in management from U.D. in Texas.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Art-4-by-Daryush-Shokof-540536652786124/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfeiHbYgnQA
Website: https://www.art4ny.com/

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