Crow writes meticulously researched, entertaining novels of romance, history and mystery in an engaging you-are-there style that allows readers to live the history.

WILMINGTON, NC, February 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Valentine’s Day is the holiday set aside to celebrate love. Those of us who participate in that celebration will usually offer some kind of gift to that special someone. Some of us give flowers, some give candy, while others may opt for a romantic dinner at a special restaurant. Unfortunately, despite our best intentions, all of these traditional means of celebration share a few common traits – they are not necessarily unique and, (sadly), are limited, as they fade with passing time. Given the opportunity, we would probably prefer to give something unique that is of a more permanent nature. One special gift that meets both criteria is the “Where There Is Love” series of romantic historical novels by award-winning author Donna Fletcher Crow—inspiring, true stories of enduring love.

‘Where There is Love’ is an all-new presentation of Donna Fletcher Crow’s beloved ‘Cambridge Chronicles’, a series chronicling the history, faith and loves of the men and women who galvanized eighteenth and nineteenth century England. The boxed set includes:

Where Love Begins
Can Catherine Perronet find happiness when her beloved Charles Wesley marries another? Catherine undertakes the joys and hardships of a circuit-ride preaching tour to Canterbury where a French invasion threatens, then must face the terrors of the Great London Earthquake before coming to an understanding of the gentle calling God has for her.

Where Love Illumines
Mary Tudway must choose: a life of pleasure amidst London’s high society or a life of faith and service with the devout Rowland Hill? The story moves through the fashionable worlds of London and Bath as the death of one friend, the elopement of another and the startling unveiling of the Highwayman of Hampstead Heath play their parts in illumining Mary’s understanding so she can make a choice of lasting value.

Where Love Triumphs
Charming, brilliant and lame, Sir Brandley Hilliard believes he can do very well without love of any kind in his life—until he meets the captivating Elinor Silbert. Brandley’s search takes a destructive turn until Charles Simeon, Fellow of King’s College, takes the young gownsman under his wing and shows him a life beyond any his academic pursuits had taught him.

Where Love Restores
Granville Ryder’s harsh up-bringing means he must struggle to find his place in his illustrious family, in God’s work, and in Georgiana’s heart. The story moves from Cambridge to the historic Badminton House, to London to Wales, until the terrors of the Cato Street Rebellion (more dangerous than the notorious Guy Fawkes Plot) lead Granville to restoration and love.

Where Love Shines
In Scutari, the charge of the Light Brigade leaves Lt. Richard Grayson blinded and Jennifer Neville, one of Florence Nightengale’s nurses, devastated. Back in London Jennifer throws herself into charity work and is horrified to learn that Richard’s family’s wealth is built on the potteries where children are subjected to unimaginable brutality. The fight for social justice offers a way out of the darkness for both of them..

Where Love Calls
Hilda Beauchamp believes that God guides the life of every believer—and that it is her job to guide God. Kynaston Studd is on fire to carry the love of God to the ends of the earth, but God seems to be calling his friends there instead; and Hilda is horrified to find herself falling in love with the man she had intended for her sister.

Donna Fletcher Crow is the author of 45 books, mostly novels of British history. The award-winning ‘Glastonbury’, an Arthurian grail search epic covering 15 centuries of English history, is her best-known work.

The Lord Danvers series is an Amazon bestseller in the British Detectives category. Books in the series include ‘A Lethal Spectre, ‘A Most Inconvenient Death’, ‘Grave Matters’, ‘To Dust You Shall Return’ and ‘A Tincture of Murder’.

The Monastery Murders are contemporary clerical mysteries with clues hidden in medieval history. Titles are: ‘A Very Private Grave’, ‘A Darkly Hidden Truth’, ‘An Unholy Communion’, ‘A Newly Crimsoned Reliquary’, and ‘An All-Consuming Fire’.

The Elizabeth & Richard Mysteries is a literary suspense series using favorite authors as background: Rudyard Kipling in ‘The Flame Ignites’, Dorothy L Sayers in ‘The Shadow of Reality’, Shakespeare in ‘A Midsummer Eve’s Nightmare’, and Jane Austen in both ‘A Jane Austen Encounter’ and ‘A Most Singular Venture’.

The Daughters of Courage, ‘Kathryn’, ‘Elizabeth’ and ‘Stephanie’ is a pioneer family saga based on the stories of Crow’s own family and other Idaho pioneers in the Kuna, Nampa and Boise area.

Where There is Love is a 6-book historical series of the enduring legacy of love and faith—stories of real people and stirring events through 18th and 19th century England.

Where There is Love Reviews

Where Love Begins
A 1740’s historical romance novel—and a good one. . . . An intricate and tantalizing plot that shows dramatically, yet maintaining historical accuracy, what others went through in this period of transition for Christian faith. ~ Living Streams

A fine novel . . . Of course, you must have this book! ~ Librarian’s World

Where Love Illumines
The author has skillfully blended true historical accounts to bring to life these real persons in the context of their struggle to learn and live the true Christian faith. . . and in so doing dramatize for the reader an important era in history. Your library should have all [the] books in the series. ~ M.B., Librarian’s World

Where Love Triumphs
Set in the 1820’s, the story of a man trying to find self-acceptance as he experiences God’s love and acceptance of him. ~ Publisher’s Weekly

Exhaustively researched . . . done with great dignity and feeling. ~ John Mort, Booklist

Where Love Restores
The reader is treated to the best of two worlds— that of well written fiction and romance and that of carefully research history. While being entertained one will at the same time learn something of history. ~Betty Jean Smith, Watchman Book Reviews

Rich with cultural and historical details this story bears the timeless message of man’s struggle to find peace with God in spite of inherent unworthiness. . . A surprising romantic twist at the end makes the book especially enjoyable. ~ Kathryn Burns, Christian Library Journal

Where Love Shines
Jennifer Neville and Richard Greystone both volunteered to serve in the Crimean War with no idea of what they would have to face. Jennifer, a nurse, cares for the wounded soldiers, one of whom is Richard, left blinded after the charge of the Light Brigade. Matured by their experiences, both return home to England to discover that their newfound outlook on life is not welcome in the superficial world of Victorian society. Richard and Jennifer band together to fight the squalid condition suffered by the poor of London. Jennifer’s strong belief in God eventually leads to a spiritual awakening in Richard. Unfortunately, Richard refuses to believe that a blind man could make a suitable husband. The book’s true power lies in Crow’s realistic depiction of Victorian England. Engrossing reading. ~ Library Journal

Where Love Calls
Hilda Beauchamp finds great satisfaction from her charity work, helping the poor living in the slums of Victorian England. When she meets devout Christian Kynaston Studd, Hilda decides he is the perfect man to tame her flighty sister Ida. Unfortunately, the more Hilda learns about Kynaston and his plans to become a medical missionary in China, the more she comes to accept that he is actually the perfect man for herself. However, Hilda believes she may have decided this too late. Writing about actual people is always challenging and Crow succeeds in the task of making them human rather than saintly. Recommended. ~ Melissa Hudak, Library Journal

. . . Kynaston was the leader, the first within his circle to catch the vision of going to China. But God seems to be calling his friends there instead. Hilda’s heart, too, is being drawn in a new direction. What does it all mean, this disruption of their dreams? When will God reveal his purpose for each of them?

A winner in the National Federation of Press Women Communications Contest for her epic novel Glastonbury, Donna Fletcher Crow brings a lifetime love of English literature and history to her work. ~”Booktalk” Mary Barrett, The Nashville News

Donna Fletcher Crow’s work has received a number of high-level industry honors. These include:

Glastonbury, First Place, Historical Fiction, National Federation of Press Women Award of Merit
The Banks of the Boyne, Silver Angel; First Place Historical Fiction, National Federation Press Women
The Fields of Bannockburn, First Place Historical Fiction, National Federation Press Women
Professional Achievement Award, Northwest Nazarene College
Juvenile Books Award of Merit, Idaho Press Women
Top Idaho Author
Pacesetter Award, Mt. Hermon Writers Conference
Outstanding Historical Fiction, Idaho Press Women, National Federation of Press Women,
Idaho Writer of the Year
Best Inspirational Novel, Finalist Romance Writers of America
Writer of the Year, Mt. Hermon Writers Conference

Donna is available for media interviews and can be reached by email at [email protected]. All of her books are available at online book retailers. More information, including a no-charge download of ‘A Tincture of Murder’, is available at her website at

Donna and her husband live in Boise, Idaho. They have 4 adult children and 14 grandchildren living on 3 continents. Donna is remembered by Idahoans with long memories as a former Queen of the Snake River Stampede, Miss Rodeo Idaho and runner-up for Miss Rodeo America. She is an enthusiastic gardener.

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