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OAKLAND, CA, August 09, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Martina Wagner, Ph.D. and Daniel Johnson SBN are the Bestselling Authors of the book, “Physical Intelligence: An Introduction.” Martina has a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology and has over 20 years of experience in executive positions in the healthcare industry. Daniel is a 5th Degree Taoist Master that has helped hundreds of students make fundamental changes to live the life they aspire.

Martina combined her scientific expertise and experience working in the corporate environment with Daniel’s pragmatic approach to driving change at fundamental levels of the mind to create a powerful training framework called the 7MINDS Program. In this program, participants learn how to access their Physical Intelligence for deep personal discovery, and to enhance skills like communication, self-awareness, mental agility and emotional intelligence to achieve personal and professional goals.

In their book, you will find a deep dive into the conditioning of the mind in the modern day. Martina and Daniel explain their process designed to help you recognize the limitations your conditioning imposes on you that are stopping you from achieving your goals. Their program, 7MINDS, consists of seven modules discussed in the book outlining the possibilities you have to unlock the “specific aspects of your mind” to alter personal traits, hone key soft skills and regain control over your life.

According to Daniel, “To make changes in your life, you want to get as close as possible to the source that directs your thinking and actions. The physiological level is close to this source, and it doesn’t require as much dedication, investment in time, expertise and understanding to drive change. You can make very fundamental changes in your life by keying into the physical patterns of your body. The reason why it’s difficult for some people to access these patterns is because they use the wrong tools.”

Traditional skill training programs rely on abstract, mental learning of concepts taught in classes or through study and reading. You then have to apply the learned principles to modify your thinking and behavior which can be difficult. The approach and tools the 7MINDS program employs are different compared to other programs in that the learning is not limited to your cognitive level. By tapping into your Physical Intelligence, you can more easily and effectively learn and adapt – whether you want to overcome unwanted patterns or develop new skill sets and traits to make you more effective, think clearer and achieve inner well-being.

Get access to the powerful tools the 7MINDS program offers today to take charge of your life!

Martina and Daniel’s new bestselling book, “Physical Intelligence, An Introduction” is now available on Amazon: Information on workshops, keynotes, and online courses can be found on

Dr. Martina Wagner is the author of “Physical Intelligence, An Introduction,” and the co-founder of ArtesHumanis a boutique executive development firm helping leaders increase their mental agility and emotional resilience so that they can effectively manage workplace challenges. Backed by over 20 years of leadership experience in the Healthcare Industry and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, Martina has developed the 7MINDS program, a pragmatic and results-driven training platform leveraging core principles of the SelfMastery System developed by Daniel Johnson. Together with Daniel, she has helped individuals through deep personal discovery gaining access to their Physical Intelligence to enhance critical skill sets to become more effective leaders and live with greater mental strength, clarity, and balance. Martina has a 3rd-degree black belt in the SelfMastery System and lives in Oakland, CA.

Daniel Johnson SBN struggled with Dyslexia as a child, being particularly debilitating on core subjects such as Mathematics and Writing. This difficulty persisted right through Elementary and High School. In his goal to overcome dyslexia, he tried every kind of special training modern education had to offer. It was not until he spent several years training with a Taoist master that he was able to see some positive results. After graduation, Daniel spent several years in an informal temple, where he acquired the foundation to overcome his Dyslexia. Through the process of overcoming Dyslexia, Daniel discovered how the mind works at a very fundamental level. It is this profound understanding that has allowed him to develop mind altering programs like the SelfMastery System and Physical Intelligence.

After leaving the Temple in 1995, he held various management positions in high tech and then went on to co-found Balance Point Strategic services which is an organizational development company. BPSS has worked with a multitude of large corporations in the San Francisco Bay area including companies such as Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA), Chevron Products Company, North America, City of Los Angeles: Mayor’s Office of Community Development, United States Army, Pacific Command (USARPAC): Safety Division. Through his work Daniel has taught hundreds of individuals in the workplace how to master their mind and for individuals.

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