Book Become International Best Seller

DETROIT, MI, November 25, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Monica Love launched her book “HEALING THE HURT THAT HIDES” and it became a best seller on September 7th, 2019. In her book, Monica dives deep into her own pain to help the reader come to terms with and go beyond their own pain.

Excerpt from the Book:

“I am afraid of my thoughts; I think I am scared that if I truly evaluate the relationship I have with my husband, I would probably not be able to stay. Honestly, I like my lifestyle, I love working in the church, helping people and gleaning a better understanding of the values and principles of the kingdom of God. I like being “co-pastor” most of the time anyway. I love my home, my car, and my friends… But this man! I am not going to give him a chance to shoot me… I got up from the sofa, and believe me, I was going to knock him out with the poker from the fireplace…

At the time when I needed the church people most, they shut me out… I was yelling from the rooftop of my soul that I wanted help. I told everyone what I had been going through and nobody seemed to care or be of any help.

Today as I sit here, having lost all those things – I have peace, I have joy, I have an understanding of who I am and a greater knowledge of who my God is. I am aware that He never left me during all of the turmoil and troubling moments. There is an excruciating pain that can cause you to do things that you wouldn’t do normally… I call it being completely surrendered to the wiles of the enemy as a result of that devilish spirit called HURT/PAIN.

It’s an ultra-thin line between balancing the relationship with God and that of your husband. I had lost my mind. What woman in her right mind would allow her child to get abused? What woman in her right mind would allow herself to be manipulated and controlled in any way possible? Any of this can happen subsequently of allowing someone else to occupy the altar of your heart. That’s a place reserved for God, and Him only.

Truth is, I had to go through all that to get to where I am going; I haven’t gotten there yet, but I know I am on the road to the full and total recovery of all the lost possessions. The pain, hurt and feelings of worthlessness were all prerequisites for what I needed to experience to be what God has destined me to be.

Monica says about her book:

“Some who will read this book will agree that there are things that have happened in marriage, and life in general, that makes you question EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR EXISTENCE! Things that cause you to want to disintegrate, and endeavor to become invisible. Its time to stop living your life as less than. Its time to face the “thing(s)” and rise up above to where you should be. You are worth pressing past that Pain/Hurt to become the best version of YOU. I am certain that you will find that YOU ARE AMAZING! Not dealing with it will not make it go away, it will cause it to grow, and it could cost you your life, like it almost cost me mine.”

“It can be hard in church to admit things you are hurting from or discuss pain with our souls. Monica does an excellent job of both sharing her story, but also using it to help you overcome yours.” Steve Kidd, host Thriving Entrepreneur

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Monica is an associate pastor of Mobile Mission a non-profit organization that helps people who are experiencing difficult times. She is a Manager with a communications company for almost 25 years. She is the President of the Great Lakes Chapter of Women in Cable Telecommunications, (WICT) an organization that helps women in the industry advance within their careers. She served as the lead for Employee Resource Groups, and is an Alum of Eastern Michigan University. Monica is married to her college sweetheart James, they share three adult sons, Qu’Vonte’, Reynar and De’Vonte’.

Monica’s passion is helping people advance into reaching their full potential. Watching others emerge into becoming the very best version of their authentic selves, both professionally and personally. This fills her life with great excitement, and Is what prompted her to publish this book that exposes the most private aspects of her life.

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