Artist Alex Perez is Painting a Mural at Box Office Warehouse Suites that is Sweet on the Eye

FORT WORTH, TX, July 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — As an artist, you want to express yourself through your art, but how do you do that without offending anyone nowadays? Fort Worth based artist Alex Perez has found a way to share her art without stirring up controversy! Alex has been working on a mural piece titled “Nothing Sweeter than Freedom” for the Fort Worth Design District’s ‘Snap and Share Art Walk.’

When asked what inspired her mural piece, Perez had this to say, “What’s a subject matter that’s unlikely to offend anyone in today’s society, yet still be patriotic? Besides the lactose intolerant, everyone loves ice-cream! Make it melting to poke fun at the infamous Texas heat and slap on a cute saying that can tie it all together.” Tied it all together she did! This patriotic ice cream mural gives area visitors an opportunity to interact with art while “snapping and sharing” their favorite picture. The Fort Worth Design District is made up of three business parks offering office space for rent, retail space and warehouse space for rent with outdoor storage. Perez started her journey as an artist at a young age, being inspired to draw the characters from animated Disney movies, books or newspaper comics. Influenced by Japanese animators, Perez began pursuing art as a career and not just a passion.

It is her passion and dedication that keeps her love for art growing, as well as her portfolio.

As one of the four finalists of the ‘Snap and Share Art Walk: Let Freedom Ring Edition’, Perez feels “lucky” enough to be able to share her thoughts, feelings and ideas with others through art. She feels that if even one person emotionally connects to her art pieces, it makes being an artist worth it. Her art piece promotes positivity and Perez shares her thoughts behind it, “I believe that I’ve always felt this huge amount of gratitude for living in this current time of American history. We still have our issues to fix, but for the most part, compared to our past we all as a community have more freedom now than ever to choose our path in life. We tend to forget that when faced with tough decisions in terms of working at a dead-end job or putting up with toxic family or friends. We choose who we allow into our lives.”

Inspiring words from an inspirational artist no doubt. Perez also offered young artists advice and inspiration stating that “Fail faster. You’re never going to be as good at art as you want to be, so it’s better to just start on the ideas you’ve been wanting to do and fail at them already. The first of anything we do as people is going to suck because we lack the experience. The sooner you fail then the sooner you can learn, grow, and improve for the next attempt.”

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About Alex Perez

I should have my site up and running by mid-August and will be open for commissions at that time. I’m currently working on a children’s book series inspired by Aesop’s fables with a modern-day twist and a dash of mythological creatures. If you’re interested in finding out more then please follow me on Instagram @suburbanslothmage.

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