What is NOWDO? Why do those manga lovers need NOWDO?

BEIJING, CHINA, April 15, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — For lovers of manga and short novels, you are aware of the wide variety of reading options for your reading pleasure. As one who enjoys reading the occasional catchy manga, I have very specific tastes for my preferred manga or short story niche. Sadly, I too often find manga that seems interesting but is not available in my understood language.

For someone like me who is not very adept at learning new languages, that is the end of the road. I recently found a website that solves that problem – NOWDO. A website with an easy to navigate interface that allows users – fellow manga lovers – to translate and/or publish their content for my reading pleasure.

Using their built-in translation tool, you can also read and enjoy manga and comments from other NOWDO users. This exposes you to a worldwide community of manga readers who share your passion for a catchy, intriguing manga, by breaking off the supposed language barrier between countries.

While that is fun, the major appeal of NOWDO continues to be the dedication of fellow manga lovers who take their time to translate manga from one language to another for free, making it very much easy for persons like me who are not so versatile with languages to also enjoy these stories. I spoke with a few translators to find out why they give of their time to provide free translation for the community and I got a few very interesting reasons.

Genre-Specific Fan
Like me, there are many who do not read manga simply for the sake of reading it; they love very specific genres of manga and delight in reading those. Andrew, for instance, loves Chinese styled manga. He particularly enjoys such stories as “Records of the Southern Mist House” , “Compendium of Materia Medica” and ” Story of Grand Court of Justice.” Those Chinese manga displays or features a unique type of manga different from westerners’ manga. He wants to share this kind of stories with people and doesn’t mind doing that for free.

Love of an author
Bunker loves the manga “Modern Life of the Immortals” so much. He enjoyed what he read and desired to equally share it with others. He also loved the author, Fang Liu, very much. Liu introduces a variety of Chinese drawing techniques into cartoon and anime styles, which has given her works a distinct flavor. Bunker carefully translated the manga to enable others enjoy it and to help promote its author. This community of readers and writers also allowed him get in touch with, and make friends with the author. His communication with the author has allowed him learn so much about Chinese culture.

Desire to help others
For many, the reason for translating manga for free on NOWDO simply came down to the joy they get from helping others. Sophia mentions that she gets a certain satisfaction when she helps people who look out for her translations.

As a large international community of readers and writers of manga, NOWDO offers massive exposure to community members. Elle is particular about the exposure she receives from her translations. She is able to put her translation skills out there for the world to see, developing connections with other translators and others in need of translation jobs. She already got invited to handle plenty of well-paid translation jobs.

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