In Ganci’s innovative and highly praised novel, book lovers find themselves in the very midst of ancient conflicts, only to be swept away with an entirely fresh perspective on mystical teachings found in scripture – now living lessons

WILMINGTON, NC, February 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Many people are fascinated with a spiritual revelation for a variety of reasons. The need to get closer to God’s mind remains the supreme driving force for thousands of years. While some may think everything that could be said has been said, that is not necessarily correct; in fact, it is blatantly heretical to believe that God has stopped talking to his children.

A prophet, seer, revelator, Oracle, sibyl, and sage, these are the titles of those gifted with the divine spark of insight that brings into focus a treasure trove of previously undiscovered mysteries. In Hebrew, the word is Midrash, referring to the earliest commentaries attached to biblical writings. Modern interpretations or modern Midrash of the Old Testament, however, is far more exacting to detect missing details in original scriptures correctly.

It is a stretch to comprehend the unique concepts, language, and culture of such an ancient people. Unraveling their oral traditions with our modern-day tools of examination is especially challenging. Connecting countless puzzle pieces of antiquity brushed over through numerous generations of scholars, novices, sinners, and saints. A patchwork of seemingly unrelated incidents stitched and stamped, here a little, and there a little, forms a vivid tapestry of interconnecting threads that become a simple picturesque mosaic, profound in its application, yet compellingly undeniable. Why me? And Why now? Undoubtedly this sense of doubt was the case for Joseph Ganci, the author of ‘Gideon: The Sound And The Glory’. A scriptural scholar and a Levite himself, his calling to write the novelized tale of Gideon led him to say the same thing as Gideon, “Why me? I am a man of no consequence, and the least regarded in my Father’s house.”

“I think too,” said, Ganci, “that this is the time of the ‘quickening,’ meaning that man’s complete store of knowledge will increase exponentially. It is a time when a well-structured question can bring to light, deep wells of understanding, and a variety of possibilities long since hidden in dust and shadows. This work is a one hundred and one percent collaboration with God. God did one hundred and one percent, and I did all the rest.”

Readers will learn about the Jewish Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, the mysterious Golden Ephod, how, and why, David found himself at his battle with Goliath, and much, much more. This work illuminates the dark corners of scripture while engaging readers in a gripping narrative.

Joseph Ganci was recently chosen as one of ’50 Great Writers You Should Be Reading’ in the 2017 Book Awards. ‘Gideon: The Sound and the Glory’ has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike. A recent reviewer stated, “Joseph Ganci’s prose is arresting, peppered with fantastic imagery and succinct descriptions of plot, characters, and setting. The themes are masterfully created, and they are woven into the story in a way that allows the reader to enjoy both the inspiration the story offers and the accompanying action. The book explores powerful spiritual and political themes, capturing the conflicts and the dynamics of life within the community of God’s chosen people. Gideon: The Sound and the Glory will appeal to fans of political thrillers, adventure, and conflict-driven stories laced with intense action.” Other reviewers have used phrases such as “riveting,” “amazing” “deftly crafted” and “highly recommended.”

Ganci has also announced he will make his book available as a fundraising tool for like-minded associations and charities. Donors can receive an eBook version of ‘Gideon’ in exchange for a donation to a worthy cause. For more details, contact Joseph via email.

Joseph Ganci is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. ‘Gideon: The Sound and the Glory’ is available in both print, eBook, and a superb, ethnically correct audio narration. All from online retailers. More information is available at Ganci’s website at

Joseph Ganci is a Levite and a high priest and remains a passionate Italian. He is a Vietnam combat veteran and is the father of five daughters and five grandchildren. He resides in Texas.

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