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MACON, GA, August 08, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rachel Moore, is an engineer, inventor, author, speaker, liturgical dancer, ordained minister, and empowerment coach.

According to Rachel, “The intent of my book is to help inspire and encourage women to create the life that they desire in the midst of undesirable circumstances because that was how I found all about determining a manager mom for myself. I discovered purpose in it in helping others real-ly effectuate their dreams during my pursuit of trying to have a fulfilled life for myself and my family.”

Her book, “Manager Mom: Mind Your Vision: Transforming Your Life Inside Out” serves as a reflection of her years of inspiring and teaching others to put real plans in place so they can turn their dreams and goals into reality.

“Generally speaking, most women are carrying around a lot of stuff simultaneously. We, as guys, tend to do one thing really well and do the next thing. If we can learn as husbands to embrace our wife’s ability to bring a list of things and then we can go through it one at a time and actually work through and have some amazing things happen to our lives and business,” said Steve Kidd, host Thriving Entrepreneur Radio Show.

Rachel Moore discovered purpose in helping others effectuate their dreams during her pursuit to create a fulfilled life for her family. Through her broad spectrum of experiences as a wife, mom, engineer, inventor, empowerment coach, and author, she provides products, training programs, and coaching to help bring clarity to other’s life vision. Rachel is a contributing author to; the bestselling book series, Chicken Soup for the Soul – “Say Goodbye to Stress,” and “Getting Well: Mind, Body, & Spirit” for the Professional Woman Network. In this body of work, Rachel seeks to inspire and to encourage women to create the life that they desire in the midst of unde-sirable circumstances. Her favorite motto is “faith works when you work it.”

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