Dr. Holstein, a Positive Psychologist/filmmaker and originator of a unique Selfie Film concept, is accepting Selfie Films submissions from the public for the “Selfie Showcase”.

WILMINGTON, NC, January 17, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — A recent article on the Washington Post site entitled “Teen girls are leading the climate strikes and helping change the face of environmentalism” presented us with some surprising information. Teen girls seem to have taken a lead role in the climate change effort.

As stated in the article, “The icon of young climate activism is 16-year-old Greta Thunberg, who sparked the school strike movement when she began protesting alone outside the Swedish parliament more than a year ago.

As the article states, “When the soft-spoken teenager appeared at New York’s climate rally Friday, the crowd reacted as if she were the headliner of a rock concert. Tens of thousands of schoolkids waited for hours in sweltering heat to see her speak and yelled her name in unison as she took the stage.”

Award winning author, selfie filmmaker and positive psychologist Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein has been telling us for years that teens and social media will change the world. We are seeing that happen today.

“As a psychologist and educator, my work has always been reflective of a deep truth that society is quick to forget: children and teens are lucid, insightful and ‘get it’ far more than we give them credit for,” Dr. Holstein stated. Often we block their innocent wisdom and awareness of what is going on, whether in our own households or the world, as it is too painful and annoying or maybe embarrassing for us as grown-ups to face the truth. Our kids are not embarrassed about climate change. However, they are annoyed and in pain. Let’s try to overcome our resistance to the truth and listen to our kids! It will help all of us to save the planet.”

Dr. Holstein’s unique Selfie Films have taken a large number of awards and have been shown in many film festivals and competitions. Most notable among these are:

The Selfie Project – Accepted at 19 film festivals or film competitions

Conflict And A Bit Of Magic: A Coming Of Age Selfie Film – Accepted at 17 film festivals or film competitions

Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: A Coming Of Age Selfie Film – Accepted at 8 film festivals or film competitions

Secrets: A Coming Of Age Selfie Film – Accepted at 7 film festivals or film competitions

Lockdown – Accepted at 11 film festivals or film competitions

The Truth: A Short Film – Accepted at 7 film festivals or film competitions

Dr. Holstein recently created The Selfie Showcase, a new project emerging from The Selfie Project, that allows young people to voice their opinions on subjects that matter to young people. She is now accepting submissions from the public for the “Selfie Showcase” and is actively seeking change-makers and mental health professionals to appear on her monthly video podcast.

The Selfie Showcase allows kids, teens, and young adults ages 13 to 18 to candidly express their concerns, worries, observations and possible solutions by creating selfies or selfie films around important subjects, using a smart phone.

Selected participants may appear on the Selfie Project Channel, available on Youtube at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3uaOTcYF70z5CpBh11VoUQ. They will also appear in the Selfie Showcase on SelfieFilmmakers.com. They will receive a certificate of merit, and may be invited to be on Holstein’s monthly podcast or perhaps be a part of her next film. Full details, rules for submission and helpful hints can be accessed at the Selfie Filmmakers site at http://www.selfiefilmmakers.com/instructions.

Holstein’s podcast series is actively seeking change-makers to appear either in person or by call-in on her monthly podcast. Dr. Holstein hopes to feature members of traditional media, mental health professionals and educators who can make a real difference in the lives of young people. Many of the podcasts feature young people – to give them a voice regarding their concerns and their solutions. Guests, if accepted, can arrange to appear by contacting Dr. Holstein directly.

Dr. Holstein also makes a number of her books and films available to be used as fundraising tools. She requests that any verified charitable organization interested in raising funds contact her via email.

She is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. More information about the Selfie Showcase is available at http://www.selfiefilmakers.com. Potential podcast guests can contact Dr. Holstein by email. More information is available at her primary website at http://www.enchantedself.com.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, internationally known Positive Psychologist is the creator of The Enchanted Self ®, a positive psychology method for happiness and a pioneer in Selfies as Film. Dr. Holstein’s Enchanted Self website was included as one of the best websites in positive psychology. She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, interviewed, writing articles and posting video ‘TED’ style talks on Happiness, Positive Psychology, Relationships and Parenting.

She has been a contributor to Your Tango, Heart and Soul, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.

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