J.M. Robison launches the release of The Foes Between Us, book one in The Last Wizard series based on Victorian Era England with a twist of fantasy.

ELKO, NV, May 15, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Wanting to track down her friend’s murderers, corset-hating Brynn of 1842 England follows a map her dead friend left her, but she finds instead a wizard imprisoned during the Middle Ages. Because the wizard is the last one, upon his death a creature from the Fae Realm will infiltrate Earth and consume everyone. Finding more men to become wizards to prevent this is easy. Avoiding the church who wants the wizard dead isn’t.

Advanced reader fans have this to say about The Foes Between Us:

“EVERYTHING about this book was simply magnificent!”

“This book is addicting!”

“The prose is good, the characters are excellent, and the story is compelling.”

Order The Foes Between Us now, available as an ebook on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Smashwords, and Apple.

Discover more about the book and the author at www.jmrobison.com

J.M. Robison is a fantasy author who writes books about heroes who are forced to reveal their mistakes, the weak who lead rebellions to dethrone tyranny, and courageous common folk unearthing ancient secrets to free the oppressed. She was made a debut author in 2016 with her first novel, The War Queen.

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