Global webtoon IP is expected to webtoon Hanryu advance guard

SEONGNAM, KOREA, January 23, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — As a company participating in Bucheon Cluster G-START program operated by Gyeonggi Provincial Promotion Agency, WebToon Agency ‘Ultramedia’, which announced its name to the world with its work called ‘Horizon’, has a wide range of webtoons with its own rights. It started.

Ultramedia is a company that designs, builds and services webtoons. In particular, it is expanding into a variety of secondary industries such as movies, dramas, animations, characters, and games by utilizing the original IP of comics (webtoons) as in the US Marble. Currently, about 100 titles of webtoons are produced It has publishing rights and copyright. It participates in the planning from the artist to the new writer, and it is evaluated that the result of the secondary industry is excellent for the production of the webtoon considering the media mix from the initial planning.

At present, Ultramedia offers services not only in Korea but also in several countries including the United States. Especially, through surveys such as the US cartoon market and the expansion of the second work of the original IP, it is raising the popularity of webtoon in the United States and second copyright sales.

Kim Jun-yeong, CEO of Ultramedia, said, “We want to change the US market by succeeding in launching a webtoon service and a secondary work in the US market with the webtoon IP of ‘The Mosquito War’ and ‘The Battle Kite’. He also said, “We want to become a management company that will cover the whole content in the future by producing movies, animations, games, characters and a webtoon IP that is easy to expand globally.”

On the other hand, Ultramedia is strong in global digital marketing with a differentiation strategy of self-produced publicity contents through various SNS channels when it enters overseas, and it is said that it is aggressive in pitching overseas works that can directly connect with overseas investors and platform companies have. If the company is aggressively investing and marketing like the existing strategy, it is expected to achieve positive results in the US market.

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