RegerDiamondCoin Presale ended in the third week

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC, August 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Investments in the diamond business have aroused a great interest of the society. Immediately after the starting sales of coins from the diamond company RegerDiamond they were much demanded and already by end of the third week all coins planned at the presale stage were sold.

RegerDiamondCoin appeared in the free sale since June 1. It was released as ICO project of the company producing diamonds which is to increase its facilities and produce diamonds, jewelry items for bringing them to the mass market. The company business-plan involves issuing 60 million coins some of which will be free to bargain on the market. The project uniqueness is that each coin is supported by the company real assets and the investor at any moment can sell own coins at par value.

Reliability, confidence and transparency – are three basic principles as to the founder of RegerDiamondCoin, and they already have brought the results! At the presale stage in June 1 million coins were issued, which were bought by investors just in three weeks. Although under the business-plan this volume was to be sold for a month. The Company is developing and starting to receive funding and launching production.

According to the founder of the project RegerDiamondCoin Vladislav Reger most of coins at the presale stage was bought by a large investor from Europe. “Trust to the new coin begins to grow and soon we will witness the further growth of its popularity. RegerDiamondCoin has all prerequisites for becoming cryptocurrency and free to bargain on the market.

We remind that investors receive a guaranteed income of 20% per annum for participation in the project and at any moment they can exchange their coins at a nominal rate of $1. This makes the coin to be attractive for investors. On the one hand such guarantees equate it to fiat currencies, and on the other hand – open great opportunities to earn on the cryptocurrency market. And it is known to be a lot of money. And the more one invests at start of ICO campaign, the more he gets. Now it is just the time to think about acquiring coins at the nominal value, as it is to have a long and interesting life providing the investors with the opportunity to profit.

Follow the news on the project website, there will be a lot of them soon!

You can start investments with any sum. For that you need to register the personal account on the website. At any moment it is possible to purchase additional coins and increase their number. Information about the current value and growing dynamics of the coin will be also displayed in the personal account. You are to become a successful investor in the diamond business today!

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