Electric trucks are expected to change the cargo transportation market completely

TALLINN, ESTONIA, October 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Electric trucks are about to change the world market of highways transportation. Tesla Motors had already got more than 2 000 orders for electric powered road trains from the leading US companies. Vion Company constructs necessary infrastructure for electric trucks understanding that the future has come.

Electric powered road trains have several advantages over diesel engine ones. The main advantages are the following:

• environmental safety;
Electric trucks are completely eco-friendly therefore most countries nowadays announce plans of 100% transport system electrification.
• simplicity of maintenance;
Electric road trains are simple in using and maintenance. Tesla Motors announced that one driver may handle three their road trains in a row.
• expenses reducing.

The main advantage lies in expenses reducing for cargos delivering. One charging allows covering up to 1 000 km therefore electric road trains are expected to be 10-times cheaper than diesel powered ones.

Vion electric charging stations that are intended to be constructed along all main North American routes create favorable conditions for electric trucks using. Moreover the infrastructure is expected to be rather profitable. One charging station may bring annually pre-tax profit of $1.2 million. The potential of Vion project includes constructing of more than 1 500 charging stations.

Vion Company is the first one on the North American market to create appropriate infrastructure for implementation of electric-powered road trains. The company plans to construct 50 charging stations specially oriented for electric trucks within the next two years.

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