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PORTSMOUTH, NH, September 24, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — While you are sleeping things are happening in Portsmouth and beyond. From the inner depths of your favorite restaurant to the highest heights of your local bank headquarters. iClean Facility Services is “taking care of business” and cleaning up the town. Janitorial, Professional Maintenance, and Commercial Floor Restoration.

Ben Airey, iClean’s CEO started this small commercial cleaning company back in 2012 with a single vacuum, a mop, and a desire to do more for his family. In 2014 his Brother and fellow Seacoast startup entrepreneur, Matthew Airey came on-board to grow the customer base and raise awareness about what drives the brand to new heights. “iClean’s success has been quite simply. Ben leads a team that gives 100% and cares more about the businesses we serve than the business he owns.” Said Matt Airey the “little brother”.

iClean Facility Services has grown year over year by double digit sales growth, has a workforce of more than 38 full time and 15 part-time employees. From Customers from downtown Taphouses to Nationally recognized Educational Facilities, one thing remains consistent to these brothers. Other people. Ben Airey explains with a wide smile on his face, “When Matt and I go into a sales pitch or into a client walk-thru it’s usually a pretty funny experience. We are lighthearted and want the best for our prospective clients, despite if we get the account sale today or next year. We know we are growing a business that relies on our reputation for doing good, providing quality, and being honest…. not many people do that anymore. If they are bidding on price only, we don’t win those the first go-around. I prefer to employ people who can afford to take their family to Disney World. We pay very fair because why wouldn’t you as an employer.”

The Airey Brother’s don’t stop at just growing their perspective brands they also give back. Last year they made heavy impacts on Seacoast Charities like House of Hope and Seacoast Food Pantry. Ben Airey said, “If we can help somewhere either monetarily or with labor, we will. We learned from our father who owned a trash company in Boston growing up, it’s not what profession you do in life that matters, it’s the attitude you do it with and the blessings you can provide to others that matter most.” The Airey brothers own business entities from Commercial Real Estate to Bio-Technology and call Portsmouth, NH their nucleus. When asked if they would ever consider franchising the iClean Facilities Services brand, Matt Airey said, “I’m not sure as of today, I think we like to take one day at a time, reflect, remain thankful, and try to provide our children and the employees children a better future. Not much more matters than the next generation – our kids.”

Matthew Airey owns a Bio-Based ink and Toner business, Environment First Printing out of Portsmouth that has over 75 international sales representatives from Dover to Denmark. The breakthrough technology replaces the foreign oil used in toner cartridges with soybean oil. Each unit saving 3 liters of foreign oil and preserves natural resources. “It’s challenging competing against HP, Dell, and Lexmark, but I think we have a solid niche and our company ethos attracts customers and partners alike.” Said Company CEO, Matt Airey. An Environment First Printing Sales Representative Shawn Rogers offered additional insight into the day to day businesses, “Both of these Airey’s just don’t stop! They continue to work hard, look around the corners, and predict changes in the market. I’ve seen both of them go thru hard times and they are the most positive people I know, I think that’s the secret…Stay positive and keep pushing. These guys do that and I’m proud to know them and have them as mentors.”

Both iClean and Environment First Printing are hiring in the Seacoast and Beyond. You can find out more about each business on their respective webpages, www.icleanfacilityservices.com and www.environmentfirstprinting.com. “Just stop us in the streets and say hello! It’s usually easy to spot us, we both have a big smile on our face. I’m the better-looking brother for sure.” Said little brother Matt Airey. “He always says that, but I think my wife disagrees…” Said, Ben Airey. One thing is for sure, these entrepreneurs are in the seacoast to stay and are leaving a wake of good vibes behind them.

Environment First Printing is a world leader in bio-based toner and ink products.

iClean Facility Services is a regional leader for janitorial, specialty flooring services, and general contractor services.

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