WishingUWell, a brand strategist and third-party seller for Amazon vendors, welcomes turnkey Amazon seller partnerships with Radius Toothbrush and U-Konserve.

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO, April 25, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — WishingUWell is a family-owned and operated business that started out selling organic and natural supplements through the company’s e-commerce site. With years of success under their belt, the company is now paying its online retailing experience forward, serving as both an Amazon brand strategist and third party seller for other health-conscious companies, including new partnerships with Radius Toothbrush and U-Konserve.

WishingUWell helps develop brands that share a similar mission of making a positive impact on humanity and the environment. It partners with organizations to foster growth and profitability through the use of the Amazon platform. WishingUWell Amazon channel management services help enforce their partners’ MAP agreements (minimum advertised price), consolidate all listings, and ensure that all Amazon content is the partners’ own. WishingUWell does this with a team of experts who act as the partners’ advocates and ensure that are properly represented on the platform.

Radius Toothbrush

Kevin Foley and James O’Halloran, both architects, conceived the idea of a revolutionary toothbrush. They believed that even the most ordinary products should be refined and improved. Their first toothbrush model, made in 1982, had a signature over-shaped head, a mass of fine bristles and a chunky handle. Foley and O’Halloran rallied a close-knit group of family and friends to help launch their company and its innovative design. Radius Toothbrush relocated to New York City’s Flatiron District and started manufacturing its product in 1983. SoHo store Turpan Sanders snapped up the first products, and the toothbrushes flew off the shelves. In 1984, Radius Toothbrush received an Accent on Design award for originality and sales continued to soar. Brookstone and other major mail-order retailers began selling the product.


U-Konserve grew out of two mothers’ struggles to be environmentally-conscious as they raised their families. Aware that the school lunches that they packed used plastic baggies, drink cartons, and other single-use containers destined for landfills, they created a waste-free lunch kit. In 2008, U-Konserve was born. The company aimed to have an impact beyond creating durable and long-lasting goods; they wanted to provide reusable and innovative solutions to change behaviors and help the planet. U-Konserve offers a range of products that help reduce waste and allow people to eat healthier at work and in the kitchen.

“We take pride in working with trusted brands, and these two companies set the bar high,” said Rob Principe, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Wishing U Well. “We look forward to building their brands and showcasing their products to a larger audience.”

In addition to WishingUWell’s turnkey Amazon seller services of helping their partners gain control of their reputation, manage their inventory and content, promote their products, and establish strong reporting analytics, the company also serves as a third-party seller that actually buys their partners’ products.

To learn more about Wishing U Well and its partnership with Radius Toothbrush, U-Konserve, and other trusted brands, visit www.WishingUWell.com.

WishingUWell Amazon channel managers are in the business of building up businesses for others. With their Amazon brand strategists, online retailers get answers to their e-commerce sales channel questions.

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