The American Health Council is proud to welcome Rebekah Robinson, CRNA, MSN, BSN, to its Nursing Board.

NEW YORK, NY, November 30, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The American Health Council is proud to welcome Rebekah Robinson, CRNA, MSN, BSN to its Nursing Board. She has spent the last four years providing patients with the best quality of care through American Anesthesiology. Ms. Robinson has been in the healthcare industry for sixteen years and she became involved in her profession through her own general interest in the human anatomy and physiology. Her instructors noticed her growing potential, and their guidance became the reason she enrolled herself in the Nursing program. She spent her first four years with her certification, as a Cardiology ICU Registered Nurse.

Both of Ms. Robinson’s parents were immigrants who held extremely high standards for their daughter. Her father, especially, was responsible for instilling a hard work ethic so that he could ensure, not only his daughter’s future but the future of her patients. Ms. Robinson was taught well by her parents, and to this day believes the key to any success is hard work and perseverance.

Ms. Robinson graduated with a 4.0 from Emory University and continued to achieve her Masters at the Raleigh School of Anesthesia. She is an expert in Anesthesia, Outpatient Ambulatory Surgery, and Pediatric Anesthesia. However, her primary focus is providing anesthesia for women’s health care services. As a woman, she finds that she is most passionate about providing accessible health care for women of all socioeconomic backgrounds.

One of her goals is to someday perform mission work involving pediatric anesthesia. Ms. Robinson is very proactive within her community and is a member of many charitable organizations such as St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Mustaches for Kids, The Nature Conservancy, and the Humane Society.

In the next five years, Ms. Robinson will continue to better herself by pursuing her DNP and obtaining a medical degree in Anesthesiology. She believes that healthcare today has lost touch with what is important, which is making sure a patient is receiving the highest quality of care. A large part of Ms. Robinson’s career is making patients comfortable in a foreign and sterile environment. It is gratifying to know that a patient and their family is satisfied with the work and care that is received.

Her life revolves around family, in both her professional and personal surroundings. When she isn’t helping her patients, she spends time at home with her family. She also enjoys running, hiking, and reading which expands her interests in nature and wildlife even more.

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