Redesign To Better Deliver To Life Sciences Companies The Oncology and Hematology Insights They Need Most

ATLANTA, GA, November 10, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Aptitude Health, a global provider of oncology insights for the life sciences industry, announced today that the company will transform from a holding company into an operating company. Effective immediately, its former businesses Axess Oncology and TRM Oncology will rebrand to Aptitude Health. All client accounts and services will merge into Aptitude Health.

As part of the restructuring of the new company, Aptitude Health’s products and services will be organized into 4 separate business units—business intelligence, promotional services, medical publications, and medical communications.

At the core of the new Aptitude Health is the Axess Network of over 500 global scientific thought leaders and more than 1,200 community physicians, making Aptitude Health the leading partner for organizations that need actionable, up-to-the-minute insights on clinical decision-making in oncology and hematology.

“By rebranding into one business, we have created a single operating company to better serve the life sciences industry” said Alexei Rojanets, founder and CEO of Aptitude Health. “With our global portfolio of products and unparalleled access to physicians, we are better positioned to deliver the insights and evidence-based solutions our clients need for the clinical development and commercialization of existing and future oncology products to positively impact patient outcomes.”

Aptitude Health’s business intelligence products are designed to identify, understand, and respond to dynamics that shape clinical decision-making in the oncology market. The company’s promotional services enable access to the right clinicians to provide on-label information and insights into how therapies are best incorporated in patient care. The medical publications business unit facilitates the development and dissemination of scientific insights that contribute to improved clinician knowledge, and the company’s medical communications enable the creation of the scientific content, insights, and connections to make clinical innovations relevant and impactful.

Aptitude Health’s leadership team

With these changes, the Aptitude Health Leadership Team includes:
• Alexei Rojanets, Founder and CEO
• Michael Fleming, Chief Commercial Officer
• Lee Lokey, MD, Chief Medical Officer
• Ross Schindler, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer
• Angela Coldwell, VP Finance
• Stefanie Daniels, Senior VP Global Strategic Business Development
• Kelley Hernandez, VP, US Strategic Business Development
• Eugene Vissers, MD, VP Scientific Content
• Sandra Mendes, PhD, CMPP, VP Medical Publications
• Kristof Petho, MD, VP Account Services

Aptitude Health provides the world’s leading life sciences companies with unparalleled physician access, business intelligence, and medical communication solutions that translate clinical and commercial successes into life-changing cancer treatments. Best-in-class products and services, combined with a proven track record of success, make Aptitude Health the most valued partner for life sciences companies seeking to identify, develop, and commercialize oncology and hematology innovations.

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