Dr. Arthur Bienenstock, Ph.D., M.S., Stanford, CA, is honored by the International Association of Who’s Who as America’s Most Influential in Science for his extensive contributions within the fields of Physics, Education, and Science Policy.

STANFORD, CA, April 16, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Bienenstock first found an interest in his profession whilst studying to become an engineer. Initially he began studying a physics course in college, but this only sparked a deeper interest in science and mathematics and he soon chose to switch courses. Dr. Bienenstock received his Bachelor of Science (BS) from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn, graduating in 1955. He continued his education at this esteemed institute and achieved his Master of Science (MS) in 1957. He then went on to complete his studies at Harvard University by attaining his Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in 1962.

With a career spanning decades, Dr. Bienenstock is a respected expert in a wide variety of sectors including materials science, engineering, applied physics, photon science and science policy. Currently Dr. Bienenstock is Special Assistant to the President of Federal Research Policy at Stanford University, Associate Director at Wallenberg Research Link to support students and researchers attending and visiting the University and Professor emeritus of Photon Science.

In total Dr. Bienenstock had dedicated over 5 decades to Stanford University, joining in 1967 and held a variety of positions including Professor of Applied Physics, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, Director of the Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials and Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs 1972-77, Director of the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Light Source 1978-97, Associate Director of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, 1992-97 and Vice Provost and Dean of Research and Graduate Policy 2003-2006.

Before embarking on his time at Stanford, Dr. Bienenstock was a National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Fellow at the Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell, England (1962-3) and held the role of Assistant Professor in Harvard University’s Division of Engineering and Applied Physics (1963-7).

Outside of his commitments to Stanford University, Dr. Bienenstock’ s professional affiliations have previously included President of the Council of Scientific Society Presidents and the American Physical Society. He was also appointed by President Clinton to be Associate Director for Science for the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (on leave from Stanford University) and following on from this, he was appointed by President Obama onto the National Science Board in 2012 where he chaired the Task Force on Administrative Burden.

In addition, Dr. Bienenstock feels privileged to have been the recipient of numerous awards over the course of his career. These include the 2018 AAAS Philip Hauge Abelson Prize awarded by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the 2009 Cuthbertson Award from Stanford University, a distinguished Service Award from the U.S Department of Energy, a Distinguished Contribution to Research Administration award from the Society of Research Administrators and a Distinguished Alumnus award from the Polytechnical Institute of New York. Additionally, he was also the first recipient of Pittsburgh Diffraction Society’s Sidhu Award in 1968 for his work in x-ray diffraction and crystallography.

A particularly prized achievement in Dr. Bienenstock’ s career was his leadership in removing a fixed limit of women who could study at Stanford University. He also had an influence on several policies introduced and circulated across the Clinton Administration. Dr. Bienenstock is also a highly regarded author having published over 100 papers in the field of scientific and science policy journals and is proud of the achievements of his past graduate students and postdoctoral associates who successfully hold major research and leadership positions throughout the world.

In order to stay ahead in his field, Dr. Bienenstock maintains active professional roles including a fellowship of the American Physical Society He has previously held other roles here such as General Counselor between 1993-1996, Vice President in 2006, President-Elect in 2007 and President in 2008. In addition, he is also a Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Institute of Physics and of the California Council on Science and Technology. He has also been a Foreign Member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Science since 2010.

Dr. Bienenstock attributes his extensive success to his love for great universities and physics, a passion he has passed down to his students. He also pays tribute to his mentors Paul Ewald and David Turnball.

Looking to the future, Dr. Bienenstock hopes to continue his path, share his extensive expertise and pursue new prospects in his field for many more years.

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