Just 1.5 weeks after CannaSOS’ ICO announcement, 8 million PerksCoin tokens have been reserved by more than 175 Whitelist participants. The Public Presale begins in 23 days!

TORONTO, ON, October 26, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — CannaSOS.com, the cannabis social network giant, has released a press release earlier this month stating that it will be doing an ICO with its PerksCoin utility token. The company is planning to integrate its utility token in the worldwide canna space with the help of decentralized blockchain technology. More information on this endeavor can be found on their landing page here.

“I have not anticipated that the Early Presale will attract such intense interest, especially at this relatively early phase of the initial coin offering,” remarked CannaSOS Founder and CEO Oleg Cheine. “I am happy to see that many individuals and businesses in the cannabis domain have realized the potential and massive demand for PerksCoin token and our blockchain based transaction platform.”

CannaSOS is engaging decentralized blockchain technology to design and implement a multi-level, non-cash transaction platform operating on an autonomous token, the PerksCoin (PRC), as the primary utility token. PerksCoin Transaction Platform, PTP for short, will be designed to: (a) generate and withdraw PerksCoin (PRC) tokens from circulation for token liquidity; (b) guarantee security, transparency, and safety of all PRC token based transactions; (c) act as a mediator/arbitrator between Seller and Buyer; (d) support peer-to-peer PRC token sale, eliminating middleman and associated costs; (e) offer Secure Sale feature to protect buyers from unverified sellers, minimizing fraudulent activity in the marketplace.

Just a week and a half in, more than 175 participants have already reserved 8,000,000 PerksCoin utility tokens. 23 days remain until the beginning of the Presale, and so far, the ICO looks like it’s going to be a success. Such companies as ICO Box and Articlehub are just a few names from the list of supporters. Only 2,000,000 PerksCoin tokens are left up for grabs for the first phase of the early Presale.

For more ICO details, go to the landing page and/or read the whitepaper here.

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