One-stop destination for selling cars now also offers deals on pre-owned vehicles

DUBAI, UAE, January 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Car Sell Zone, one of the top car selling destinations in the UAE, today announced the debut of its new pre-owned vehicle sales program. The company, which offers instant online vehicle valuations and a simple car selling process, has started to offer a selection of cars for sale. This move makes it possible for a customer to sell his or her car—and get the best possible price for it—and then proceed to buy another vehicle at the same time.

“We buy great cars from our customers, many of whom are interested in a new ride,” said a spokesperson for Car Sell Zone. “So, it made perfect sense to us to offer our customers the option of picking out a car from our stable of vehicles we have acquired through our online valuation process.”

Car Sell Zone will buy any car in any condition. However, it only sells a small sub-set of the cars it acquires. “We will only sell cars that meet a number of exacting quality standards,” the spokesperson added. “For a lot of our customers, it’s an upgrade process. They want to sell a five-year-old car and buy a one-year-old car. We make this happen for them.” The rest of the cars the company buys are sold to wholesalers.

Car Sell Zone takes on all the paperwork required to buy or sell a car. The company is even able to buy cars that have outstanding mortgages on them. They can help car sellers deal with fines as well. If someone is selling any car this company owns they buy any car in any condition, a seller can contact them and if buying then they can visit carsellzone.

Car Sell Zone is a new online service, but the company’s founders have been active in the auto industry in the UAE for almost 20 years. They originally established the Al Muheet Showroom – a corollary to Car Sell Zone – in 2008. They are specialists in buying used cars. The team deals with a large volume of cars, making them highly experienced in getting sellers a fair price.

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