Even up to 5% of cars sold in the USA last year were lemons – defective cars you’d better not drive. When adding facts and figures concerning title-washed cars, the car market’s condition is questionable.

KIRKLAND, WA, November 09, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Title Washing in America – Lemons without the Lemonade

No state in the country is immune from title washing – there are many car buyers such as Paul in Colorado who fall victims to title washing scams. The practice is so common that as high as 1 in 44 titles in some states have been title washed, legally.

However, a salvage brand doesn’t always make its way onto a title. For instance, we found a 2018 RAM 1500 Pickup at an auction that had obviously been in a serious accident and hadn’t been repaired yet but still carried a clean title. Someone can, and might, buy this car, make repairs, give it a new coat of paint and resell it at full Blue Book value to an unsuspecting buyer.

Unfortunately, it’s not hard to find deals like the one we just mentioned. The danger to unaware car buyers is that they have no idea the car has been severely damaged in the past and may be unreliable or flat out dangerous to drive.

In many states, the practice of title washing is completely legal or the regulations are so lax that it’s not hard for crooks to obtain a clean title. Statistics show the following states either allow title washing or have lax regulations to prevent title washing fraud.

New Jersey
North Carolina

How to Avoid Title Washing Scams
Title washing is so widespread that you need to be conscious of the signs before you commit to a purchase. There are some obvious signs that can indicate an altered vehicle history and knowing them can save you money, time, and headaches.

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