Immediately Expose Your Enterprise to Millions of Social Media Fans

SHERIDAN, WY, March 25, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Quantum Stones recently launched a new collaboration program designed to allow like-minded entrepreneurs, writers and advertisers the opportunity to tap into an existing network of fans and followers on Facebook social media and the Quantum Stones website. The premise is simple but has the potential to yield prolific results for participants.

The objective is to post professionally written promotional articles with the potential to go ‘viral’ that will effectively engage the audiences of both the collaborator and Quantum Stones. Customized posts relevant to collaborator’s industry can be ghostwritten by a network of professional writers for a flat-rate charge, or pre-written articles on approved topics may be provided by participants.

Posts will feature strategic backlinks that can receive views for years to come, boosting the collaborator’s website traffic and increasing the site’s visibility amid Google rankings. These articles will be posted on Quantum Stones’ Facebook page with 80,000+ fans and followers where they can receive ‘likes’ and ‘shares’, and articles may also be ‘boosted’ to gain additional exposure on top of organic traffic.

Quantum Stones founder Albert Milligan states, “By collaborating with like-minded companies and authors through sharing our existing—and quickly growing—social media presence, we aspire to help others expand their existing audience and have their message heard.”

Opportunities for collaborators to get involved are available immediately. Those interested in growing their online following and getting their site noticed can learn more about the Quantum Stones Collaboration Program.

Please Contact: Albert Milligan
Phone: +1.800.699.1077

Both quantum physicists and perennial wisdom sages inform us that we are essential beings of energy amid a vast universe comprised of energy. This knowledge beckons the notion, “If we’re all just energy, then why do we feel so tired?” Simply, put – many of us have lost access to our inner vitality, energy, and creativity due to obstacles blocking our energy flow at the core of our being.

The Quantum Stones Vision.
At Quantum Stones, our vision is simple and we believe that knowledge is the beginning of true empowerment and fostering the mind/body/spirit connection. Our primary intention is to make this potentially life-transforming quantum stone technology and collaborating meditations available to anyone who seeks to:

* Recognize their true potential as a co-creator of their own reality.
* Discover a higher state of wellbeing and consciousness.
* Clear negative emotional and physical accumulations inhibiting their vital force.
* Promote Ayurvedic harmony and balance.
* Raise their frequency and vibrations.
* Achieve self-actualization in inner universal clarity.
* Experience their full potential as collective beings in the universe.

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