The Corporate Whistleblower Center is urging an employee of any type of company that has falsely labeled itself as a minority or woman owned business to get a leg up on federal-state contracts to give them a call about possible significant rewards.

WASHINGTON, DC, June 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “We have the most aggressive private sector initiative in the nation focused on exposing any type of company that bids on government contracts as a minority-woman owned business-when in reality they are woman or minority owned businesses-in name only.

“If you work for a construction company, an engineering firm, an IT establishment or any type of imaginable enterprise providing services to the federal, state or local government and your employer is deceptively calling themselves a minority or woman owned business please give us a call at 866-714-6466 and let’s explore the reward potential of your information. In a recent instance a whistleblower received $520,000 for this type of information.” https://CorporateWhistleblower.Com

The Corporate Whistleblower Center believes companies mislabeling themselves as a minority or woman owned business is a national problem with active participants in every state and every major metro area. The US Department of Transportation mandates that 10% of their work-nationwide goes to ‘disadvantaged small businesses’-AKA minority or woman owned businesses. Many other federal and state agencies have similar guidelines. The government calls the contracts for minority-women owned businesses- set-aside contracts.

“This gets pretty simple-if you work for any kind of company that provides services to federal, state or local government-and allegedly your employer’s company is owned by a minority or woman—-when is the last time you saw them crunching numbers over payroll, managing a job site and or preparing a bid? If the answer is never-or even worse-never even heard of them–please give us a call at 866-714-6466 and let’s-discuss the whistleblower reward potential. To be worthwhile the government job-jobs—this not woman or minority owned business has received in the last year must add up to at least a million dollars. Why sit on a winning lotto ticket without knowing what it is worth?” https://CorporateWhistleblower.Com

Special Note: “If you are a woman or minority business owner and you are terrified of the ramifications of outing a successful local contractor-company that has captive minority or woman owned subcontractors that are not minority or women owned-managed companies you can always call us for a completely confidential conversation at 866-714-6466. We are not mercenaries-we are passionate advocates. We are not afraid of anyone-but we would never betray a confidence-and we might be able to help you.” https://CorporateWhistleblower.Com

Unlike any group in the US the Corporate Whistleblower Center can assist a potential whistleblower with packaging or building out their information to potentially increase the reward potential. They will also provide the whistleblower with access to some of the most skilled whistleblower attorneys in the nation-if their information is adequate. For more information a possible whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing can contact the Corporate Whistleblower Center at 866-714-6466 or via their website at https://CorporateWhistleblower.Com

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