If you enjoy reading interesting manga and short novels but often find them unavailable in your understood language, NOWDO is a reading, translating and socializing platform that solves the problem.

BEIJING, CHINA, April 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — NOWDO is a platform with an easy to navigate interface that allows its users or manga and short novel lovers to translate and/or publish their content for their reading pleasure. You can also read and enjoy manga and comments from other NOWDO users using the platform’s built-in translation tool.

A traditional publishing house to publish a foreign work, they will spend lots of time on publication planning of particular areas, then translate and proofread the work, though the final work is not perfect for every reader. Any work on the platform can be translated and viewed in multiple language versions and shared all over the world. NOWDO promotes multilingual communication through website localization, and this gives it a global presence. The digital distribution on NOWDO can bring potential work to readers from all over the world, let the market decide what language version will come out and to publish.

With NOWDO, you can save a lot of money. The expense of translation all comes from the crowdfunding system but, it is totally free for the right holder. The fans will invest in the crowdfunding project. Once the goal is reached, the translation job will be put on the marketplace.

NOWDO generates translation in a very fast manner. Its order receiving system is just like Uber’s. Once the translation job is released, NOWDO will send the notification to the suitable translators. They can check the time limit and payment and the fastest one can claim it. Once he/she completes the job with fulfilled quality and quantity requirements, he/she will receive the payment immediately. The actual time a task needs to be completed on NOWDO is very short.

NOWDO generates high quality translation. Its final work is perfect and fits local culture. Due to the fact that the platform can provide social interactions, a translator can communicate with an author directly, a reader can give feedback to the translation to correct the problem of translation and translators can share the experience of translation to improve their translation abilities. NOWDO’s large international community of readers and writers allows readers to get in touch with, and make friends with an author.

NOWDO offers massive exposure to a worldwide community of manga readers who share the same passion for an intriguing, enjoyable manga, by breaking off the supposed language barrier between countries.

NOWDO was established in 2014 and has been shifting its main business from the game translation outsourcing to the crowdfunding translation for comics and novels since 2016.

NOWDO developed a professional tool for translating comics and novels by combining its rich experience in translation industry and technology advantages. The tool cannot only greatly improve the efficiency of translation, but also enable the communication with authors, translators and readers of different countries without any obstacles.

NOWDO commits to a platform where it can present the good and enjoyable stories in your mother language.
For more information, please visit: http://www.now-do.com

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