The latest breakthrough technology brings revolution to the world of cryptocurrencies. As it is not depended on computing power, Cryum is world’s first “green” currency. It can also retain status of being the first free, zero cost currency.

RALEIGH, NC, August 02, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The latest breakthrough technology called “branched pipeline” developed by a group of enthusiasts from New Zealand brings revolution to the world of cryptocurrencies. A new cryptocurrency called Cryum introduces an entirely new technology and generation of cryptocurrency.

Cryum is engineered according to the branched pipeline technology which has features that typical blockchain cryptocurrencies can’t compete with. It provides a smart and innovative decentralized system technology for managing any kind of digital asset. It’s robust, secure, scalable, independent and, most importantly, completely anonymous. Essentially, Cryum allows instant transactions with average payment settlement not exceeding 2 seconds. It defines new ledger rules that can process thousands of transactions at once and is approximately 310 times faster than traditional cryptocurrencies.

Cryum sets new standards beyond what we know from blockchain technology. While blockchain stores blocks in a chain, Cryum defines a completely different look on distributed systems, so that it’s absolutely independent from computing power of individual computers, resulting in zero energy consumption, dramatically decreased latency and free transactions. This makes Cryum also world’s first “green” currency that is considerate of the environment. As there are no costs associated with the mining it can also retain status of being the first free, zero transaction cost currency.

Cryum also takes additional steps to provide protective security measures. It goes without saying that all data that travels or is stored across the network is fully dependent on each other and cannot be changed after storing. The result is permanently stored and cannot be reversed even by a 51% computing power as we know from Bitcoin. The Cryum protocol is designed to never rely on the honesty of its users, unlike blockchain technology.

Cryum offers a new alternative to slow, overpriced transactions and resource demanding mining of first cryptocurrencies that use blockchain technology. The group hopes this technology will start a new trend and improves the concept and use of cryptocurrencies as we know them. For more information please visit

Cryum Network Project LLC. introduces a technology that is able to transfer funds across continents safely, quickly, anonymously and free of charge. Our ambition was to create a real cryptocurrency based on a new technology that will carry all attributes of a cryptocurrency, except that all transactions will be processed instantly, without fees and without consuming additional energy.


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