Resources available to help businesses, nonprofits, government agencies and members of the public with work at home initiatives, online events, sources of short supplies, other support — hosted by CPI Consulting & CEO Marcia Elder

TALLAHASSEE, FL, March 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Organizations and individuals across the U.S. and world are facing unprecedented change and challenges due to the novel coronavirus, a rapidly spreading threat to public health, the economy and life as we have known it. People are sick and dying, medical resources are stretched thin, employees are being sent home to work or laid off, businesses are being forced to close their doors (temporarily or worse), travel bans are in effect, families are being separated, basic supplies are no longer available at stores, cities are going on lock down — among still other consequences. Not to mention the stock market crash. Global citizens are facing a crisis beyond compare.

Despite the chaos, a long-time business leader and expert in virtual services is sending a message of calm and hope for good health, safety and economic stability. “We’ve specialized in strategic planning as well as contingency planning for many years and know that now is the time to be calm while organized and swift in taking action,” notes Marcia Elder, head of Florida-based CPI Consulting. Elder is also a virtual services expert and motivational trainer. “There are many steps that each of us can take to support ourselves and others in combating this challenge,” she adds.

CPI has created a Webpage to assist those scrambling (or calmly planning) for how to deal with the coronavirus and its many effects. That page is:

Included as part of this new resource are:

• Ways for businesses and others to have employees work from home
• Tools for creating online events (in lieu of the many event cancellations that are occurring)
• An online source for products that can no longer be found in stores – or for those who want to avoid or otherwise can’t get to stores
• Products that may be needed in the coming days and weeks but haven’t yet been thought of
• Ideas and insights on ways to make the most of being isolated, even quarantined
• Practical approaches and inspirations for getting and staying strong

CPI’s focus is on developing and finding solutions on many different fronts. As an example of available solutions in dealing with the coronavirus – working from home – many businesses have the option to stay operational by allowing (or requiring) their employees to work at home for the time being rather than being laid off. Elder points out: “online meetings, Web-based events and virtual collaboration tools, along with other online resources and skills, are quickly becoming invaluable for maintaining jobs and meeting other crucial needs.” Many other examples and solutions may be found through the mentioned Website.

CPI’s message to the public is: be calm, get creative, plan strategically and take effective action. Already, many are tapping their creative juices and finding strength within that they never knew they had. There are also many examples of people helping people. Following safety practices of the CDC and other health experts is another vital way to help. Now more than ever, we truly are all in this together. Readers can find out more at:

CPI Consulting has been in business for over 35 years providing a range of high impact consulting services and products to businesses, government, nonprofits and the public. Strategic communications, planning, Internet marketing, technical expertise in various fields, and professional development training are among their specialties. Their website is: For over a decade they’ve also hosted The Virtual Solutions Center, Marcia Elder, who heads the company, holds a graduate degree in engineering and was a Trainer for Anthony Robbins seminars for 10 years, as two of many credentials.

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