Typically used on older Chevy Impala, Chevy Caprice or even Datsun 280Z, rivet on the body side molding is an add-on accessory that was installed at car dealerships over in the 70’s and 80’s.

SAN DIEGO, CA, November 13, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Custom Auto Trim and Graphics Inc., a full-service car and trucks accessories operation that has been working in the industry since 1977, founding the business that’s known and loved today in 1991, continues to outshine the competition as the only car and truck business that manufactures rivet on body side moldings.

Typically used on older Chevy Impalas or Chevy Caprices from the 70’s, as well as the Datsun and Nissan 280Z, rivet on the body side molding is not a widely available factory part today. It’s an add-on accessory that was installed at car dealerships back in the 70’s and 80’s.

“We are proud to be the only operation that offers the kind of car door molding and truck molding that we do,” said Mike Briglia, Founder and Owner of Custom Auto Trim and Graphics Inc. “It’s important to take proper care of the automobiles we own today. As a full service auto accessories company, we make sure that we can offer our clients a wide range of add-ons and services, especially the ones people can’t find anywhere else today.”

The rivet on body side moldings consists of an aluminum channel molding, chrome tips, and a rubber insert. These moldings are also used for vinyl top trims and for running board step treads.

“Original style rivet on metal body side moldings bring everyone back to a time when the “big car” was in,” said Briglia. “These moldings are timeless and universal, great for today’s cars as well, offering protection against door dings and other types of scrapes. We’ve been in business long enough to thoroughly understand how rivet on channel molding can enhance a car’s presentation while protecting it at the same time.”

Feedback from customers for the popular accessories has been very positive.

Bob Wagner from Ft. Lauderdale Florida recently said, “Those moldings were exactly what I was looking for! They look exactly like my original aluminum moldings I had on my Coupe deVille and I got them so fast it was incredible.”

For more information, visit: https://www.customautotrim.com

Since 1991, Custom Auto Trim has been a premier global supplier of Rivet On Body Side Molding and truck accessories, and serves many industries including automotive, RV, boats and heavy truck. Some applications of their products can be found at car dealers including truck back window decals for cars and trucks, custom pinstriping, truck graphics, nerf bars and Magnum RT Truck Steps for most trucks and SUV.

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