Polished concrete flooring is resistant, requires little maintenance, is easy to clean and will maintain its luster for years, even with high traffic.

DALLAS, TX, February 13, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The times have changed when it comes to flooring in homes. For many, carpets are out. Stained concrete floors are in. It’s not just a matter of aesthetic, either. There are numerous long-term benefits to having stained concrete throughout your home. Making the decision to switch to a concrete floor in your home shouldn’t be painstakingly difficult. These added benefits can add the precious resources of time and money back to your life.

Cost Effective
A penny saved is a penny earned. Carpeting, tiling or placing hardwood in a single room can cost hundreds of dollars upfront for the initial installation. Now, imagine having to do that to your whole home! However, there’s a far more cost-effective way to create a comfortable and stylish dwelling, and you likely already have the materials installed. Most homes have an existing concrete subfloor beneath their current flooring materials. By simply removing those flooring materials and adding a cement stain, a brand new, modern look can be established without having to buy a new floor.

Let’s face it, a beaten path isn’t only seen on hiking trails. Regular use, pets and natural wear and tear are sure to cause a headache and cost a pretty penny to clean, fix or repair. Polished concrete can withstand pet claws, heavy furniture, wine spills, or pointy heels without chipping away at the floor.

Because concrete flooring has such a high durability, it also has a low maintenance. You can forget needing to purchase a carpet steaming, replacing individual tiles that are chipped or buying chemical stain removers. A durable concrete staining only requires simple mopping with a neutral cleaning agent and maybe a blue utility pad to scrub up the more difficult stains or scuffs. When you’re done, just add a new coat of wax two to three times a year and you’re good to go again.

Mix in Your Look
A new concrete finishing doesn’t have to look like a drab gray slab. Concrete stain can be mixed to match your desired look with colors and textures that transform your living space into a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Styles and tastes may change, but a concrete floor is able to change with you. Whether it’s merely changing the top coat or deciding you want to cover it for the time being with carpet, tiling or wood, polished concrete gives you the freedom to easily create your desired look.

Health Friendly and Eco-Friendly
Particles that normally stay trapped in other types of flooring are easily removed and wiped away from concrete floors, leaving a happy home with better air quality. Those effected by allergens, dust, molds, dander or any other common household allergens can rest assured that a stained concrete floor can relieve those problems. You’re not just looking out for and helping your health. Concrete floors also allow for an environmental benefit. Since the only materials needed are likely ones that you already have, there’s no need to manufacture or install new materials. Simply remove and uninstall your old floors.

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Dalworth’s residential and commercial cleaning and restoration services are second to none. Whether your floors are carpet, hardwood, tile, marble, stone or concrete, we offer a cleaning service to maintain and improve the beauty and luster of your floors. And we clean more than just floors. We clean upholstered furniture (including leather), draperies and mattresses. We also offer allergen removal and air duct cleaning for your entire home or office. Dalworth Clean now provides customers stainless steel restoration services in our Dallas/Fort Worth and North Texas service areas!

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