Capt-all® is the only EPA Compliant Handheld Amalgam Separator device designed to collect dental amalgam waste directly from the patient’s mouth into any standard HVE Valve device under EPA 40 CFR 441.30 (a) (2).

CHESTERFIELD, MO, February 18, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Robert Vanderselt, Managing Partner of DOVE Dental Products, the leading manufacturer in disposable evacuation dental devices, announces the acquisition of Capt-all® Handheld Amalgam Capture HVE Tips.

Capt-all® is the only handheld Amalgam Separator device designed to collect dental amalgam waste directly from the patient’s mouth into a patented designed tip that fits into any standard HVE Valve device. Once amalgam is captured into each Capt-all® Tip, it can then be safely sent back in a provided recycle container to properly dispose of the captured amalgam.

“We are excited about the recent addition of Capt-all® to our product line at DOVE Dental Products,” said Robert Vanderselt, Managing Partner of DOVE Dental Products. “Capt-all® will redefine the amalgam separator space by increasing patient safety with a disposable device, alleviate, or even eliminate, the installation process of traditional systems and allows for offices to meet EPA Compliance with a single-use device that is used only when required.”

Starting July 14, 2020, the EPA Final Amalgam Separator Rule requires most general dentists to install an amalgam separator or equivalent device to prevent mercury from entering the air, water and land. Capt-all® is compliant with the EPA Final Ruling and meets EPA 40 CFR 441.30 (a) (2).

Using Capt-all® allows for offices to quickly comply with the upcoming ruling. Capt-all® keeps amalgam out of the dental equipment, vacuum lines and secondary filters. Other benefits include no installation requirements, its ease of use, avoidance of messy clean ups and Capt-all® is only used when removing or installing amalgam fillings.

About DOVE Dental Products
DOVE Dental Products develop cost-effective disposables for increasing patient safety. DOVE Dental principals have a proven track record in successful start-ups, product and market development, marketing, manufacturing and intellectual property development. DOVE (Disposable Oral Valve Evacuation) Dental HVE and Saliva Ejector Backflow Prevention Valve devices are simple to install and intuitive with performance. All DOVE products are Made In the USA and are manufactured in ISO 13485 facilities.

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