Attorney George Sink Sponsors Informational Billboards in South Carolina

CHARLESTON, SC, August 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — On Monday, August 21st, Millions of drivers are estimated to be on the roads, trying to catch a glimpse of the total solar eclipse. This rare and beautiful light show can be fun for the family, but can also increase the risk of danger.

One attorney, George Sink of George Sink Injury Lawyers, thought of a fun and innovative way to remind people of the coming eclipse and help keep people safe in the onslaught of traffic. He ordered digital billboards across South Carolina which are counting down to the total eclipse, so drivers know to plan to watch from a safe vantage point- and avoid the roads during the eclipse, if possible. Other major brands are following suit and putting up sponsored eclipse countdowns of their own.

“We started a sensation – and now everyone’s sponsoring their own digital billboard countdowns,” says Allison Hilton, President of A is for Advertising.”This idea is spreading across the country, so millions of people will get to see the countdown.”

That’s great news for Attorney George Sink, who wants to help keep people safe on the highway. “Be careful around the time of the eclipse. The highway will fill up -potentially with millions of out-of-town drivers, who may be distracted by the eclipse or unfamiliar with the local roads,” says Mr. Sink. ” There could be huge traffic jams.”

These billboard countdowns ensure that everyone knows when the big moment will arrive.

This is one more way to enjoy the eclipse while staying safe. “Many people have heard that you need safety glasses to see the eclipse, but most people aren’t thinking about all the potential for car wrecks,” says attorney George Sink Jr. To help do more to keep people safe, Attorney Sink provides tips for avoiding injury during the eclipse on his personal injury website

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