The Book FIRED! Is a Go-to Resource for Termination Survival

ROCHESTER, NY, October 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — “You’re fired.” We’re hearing these words a lot these days. For those far off in Washington, we might cringe a bit. But when those words are meant for us, suddenly life comes screeching to a halt, leaving us a stunned and smoldering wreck.

Cristina Carballo-Perelman’s book, Fired: Challenging the Status Quo and the Aftermath, is the perfect resource for anyone who’s been fired should reach for – before the lawyer, scotch, and therapist. Having herself been fired from a position where she had actually attained notable professional success, Carballo-Perelman recounts her cycles of emotion and feelings of powerlessness as she tried to salvage her career and her dignity.

Presented in three parts, the book first looks at the state of corporate consciousness in relation to the sanctity of individual employees. The second part examines how ethics and integrity can support a healthy work environment. Conversely, when ethics are not a part of the corporate ideal, employees cannot safely contribute the best of themselves for fear of retribution. Part three discusses the trauma, grieving, depression, and anxiety that people suffer as a result of being fired. It helps to clarify the options available and provides a guide for moving forward with grace and serenity.

Cristina Carballo-Perelman, M.D., has been a neonatologist for 30 years. She and her female colleagues have experienced first-hand many of the misperceptions concerning the capability of women in the workplace. She has seen how society as a whole continues to devalue women both in their careers and at home by placing greater value in beauty over brains. She has also experienced the opposite at home, where her marriage to another physician, is rooted in respect and equality. Her passion to write derives from her experiences both as a woman in the workplace, as well as being devalued as an employee. She recently won the 50 Great Writers You Should be Reading 2017 contest by The Authors Show.

Fired: Challenging the Status Quo and the Aftermath, is available at neighborhood and online booksellers. For more information, visit

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