Global Cannabinoids, and its newly formed entity, Global Sanitizers LLC, is pleased to announce that it has secured over $15 Million Dollars in hand sanitizer orders in the past week.

LAS VEGAS, NV, April 01, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Global Cannabinoids, and its newly formed entity, Global Sanitizers LLC, is pleased to announce that it has secured over $15 Million Dollars in hand sanitizer orders in the past week as the company continues to position itself as the leading bulk and wholesale supplier of hand sanitizers in the USA. Global Cannabinoids, the leading US producer, manufacturer, and distributor of hemp derived cannabinoids, has shifted its vast supply chain of ethanol used in the extraction of hemp, toward the production of hand sanitizers to meet the growing demand for these ethanol alcohol based products. In order to accomplish this, the company has secured the delivery of hundreds of thousands of gallons of 40-B and 3-C denatured ethanol, approved by the FDA for topical use, toward the largest OTC manufacturers of hand sanitizers in the US.

“We never expected to become one of the leading bulk and wholesale suppliers of hand sanitizers this quickly, but after analyzing the current supply chain and meeting with our OTC manufacturing partners, it became apparent to us that serious gaps in hand sanitizer production existed. This presented us with a unique opportunity to fill in the gaps by diverting contracts for ethanol used in the large scale extraction of hemp, towards the production of hand sanitizers,” stated Global Cannabinoids CEO and Chief Business Developer, Ryan Lewis.

“The current leading brands of hand sanitizers in the USA are clearly unable to supply the new demand for these products, and that presented us with an opportunity to use our bulk and wholesale distribution network and supply chain logistics to challenge their reign. We recently formed a new company, Global Sanitizers, to address this new market opportunity and we began offering white label and private label sanitizers to some of the leading companies in the country who are now introducing their own brand of hand sanitizer,” continued Lewis.

Global Cannabinoids and their newly formed company, Global Sanitizers LLC, have also introduced their own line of hand sanitizers under the “Medically Minded” brand, and have begun shipping millions of units of Medically Minded hand sanitizer to big box retailers across the country. Although the recent FDA deregulation of hand sanitizers has created a legal pathway for companies (that normally produce other types of products) to begin producing and distributing hand sanitizers, unlike these companies, Global Sanitizers manufactures all hand sanitizers in OTC or GMP compliant facilities and maintains the highest quality control standards as expected by the leading retailers in the country. A portion of all hand sanitizers manufactured by Global is donated to first responders in need of these important products.

In addition to hand sanitizers and innovative soaps, Global Sanitizers is also securing distribution of revolutionary technology in the surface cleaning segment of the market. With a single application, these surface cleaners can prevent bacteria, germs, or virus from surviving on surfaces for 3 months at a time. Global Sanitizers expects to introduce its revolutionary line of surface sanitizers in Q3 2020.

About the Company:
Global Sanitizers is a newly formed company based on the ethanol supply chain, manufacturing, logistics, and distribution prowess of privately held Global Cannabinoids, the leading producer, manufacturer, and distributor of hemp derived cannabinoids in the USA. Global Cannabinoids’ online distribution platform,, maintains the largest database of B2B bulk and wholesale buyers of hemp derived cannabinoids which has allowed the company to identify trends and make data driven decisions on what products and ingredients to manufacture and distribute globally. Global Cannabinoids currently supplies hemp derived cannabinoid ingredients to Fortune 500 companies across nearly all verticals including skin care, topicals, personal care, cosmetics, nutraceutical, sports nutrition, animal health, as well as the global cannabis industry.

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