Auto Protection Plans On The Rise Over Car Warranties

OCEAN, NJ, January 19, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — There are many opinions over auto protection plans. Some people consider it an unnecessary expense, others support it, while some do not have any idea about the auto protection option. This protection plan is also known as an extended coverage or an extended protection plan.

What is the Plan?

If you buy a new vehicle, it comes with a warranty, but it would eventually expire, leaving you open to costly repairs in the future. On the other hand, if you buy a used car, you are already exposed to financial risks. You will find an excellent option to ensure all repairs of your vehicles remain in the coverage. An auto protection plan is the option to get the extended protection for your new or used car. It will cover your car repair expenses when you do not hold the manufacturer’s warranty, or it has expired.

If the auto protection plan doesn’t sound like a good idea, consider this example. There are many options for auto protection plan where you will pay an annual premium of an average of $700. Even with a new vehicle, the average cost of yearly repair and maintenance is $900. If the care is over five years of age, the annual maintenance can go up to $4,000. Doesn’t it make sense to hold the auto protection and save yourself from these huge maintenance expenses

My Vehicle is Perfect, and I don’t need an Auto Protection.

Like many people who try to save a few bucks, I too opted out from getting an extended auto repair plan. However, my wife pressed me to go for a comprehensive plan, especially since we have a used vehicle. Reluctantly I got the auto protection plan, and the car had no problems for a couple of months. I made it a point to remind my wife on many occasions, as to how we wasted our money on an auto-protection that we didn’t need.

However, after five months at a remote gas station, the car had a malfunction. The power gear was not moving and got stuck at park mode. I was all alone and had no idea what to do when I remembered I had an auto protection plan. I called in the service, and to my surprise, the response was quick. They told me to sit tight, and help would be on the way. It took them two hours to reach the gas station, and they put my worries to rest. They immediately checked the car, and it was a mechanical and electrical malfunction. Not only the service provided the towing facility, but it also dropped my car at the mechanic. The repair expense for part replacement and electrical components came to be around $185, and I did not have to pay for it. The auto protection company settled the bill directly.

What I learned from my experience is that instead of saving a few dollars, new and used car owners must hold an auto protection plan at all times.

Palmer Administration Services – Palmer Administration Auto Protection Plan

The service excels in providing comprehensive extended policies. Palmer Administration Services also administers warranty covers when you are buying a used carrier. The policy will keep you covered for the most common auto servicing. All auto protection plans that the company gives comes with the possibility to create flexible adjustments so the client can fit the payment in his budget.

You can reach out to the Palmer Administration Services, and they will help you in understanding your requirements entirely and which auto protection policy is most suitable for your vehicle. Palmer Administration Services is providing affordable auto-protection plans to consumers for years. Known for fast response time, excellent customer service, and ease of filing applications for auto repair reimbursement, Palmer Administration Services remains of the leading auto-protection company.

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