The leading Armenian bank was awarded the two honours for its mobile banking application Inecomobile, and payment solution InecoPay at the Global Business Outlook Awards 2018, respectively

LONDON, ENGLAND, December 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — InecoBank has been awarded with the dual honours of “Best Mobile Banking Application-Armenia 2018” for its mobile banking application app InecoMobile and “Most Innovative Payment Solution- Armenia 2018” for its modern, innovative payment solution InecoPay at the Global Business Outlook Awards 2018.

InecoBank is one of the leading banks in the Southern Caucasus, and has provided banking and digital banking services to individuals, small and medium enterprises and large organizations.

Over 22 years, the Bank has been providing high quality banking services in Armenia to over 400.000 customers, to 150.000 of which through digital channels. The bank has also developed and offered advanced digital banking solutions aimed at the implementation of new banking services. Each new product and service developed by the bank is aimed at improving customer experience, and having direct positive impact on the social and economic situation of the country.

Since being established, the Bank has been cooperating with over 30 high ranking international financial and banking organizations and today has largest partner network amongst Armenian banks.

The Bank is renowned for implementing advanced digital solutions in order to constantly innovate and improve its processes. Some of its most significant milestones regarding them include:

Being the first banking system of Armenia to implement innovative and modern InecoPay system, which uses smart phones to make payments in 2018

Being the first bank to completely implement automated lending process through its online and mobile applications, in order to enable customers to receive loans on a 24/7 basis in 2017

• Launching its InecoMobile application in 2014, which has become one of the most popular financial applications in Armenia

• Launching the InecoOnline system in 2012, with which the bank ensured the implementation of transactions on a 24/7 basis

• Launching the digital and fully automated “Point of Sales” Loan program in 2009, which reduces reduction of loan provision execution time from 3-4 days to just a few minutes.

InecoPay was awarded “Innovative Payment Solution – Armenia” due to its repeated excellence in:

• Degree of innovation brought forth by the payment solution
• Use of technology in the solution
• Impact of the solution on the payment ecosystem
• Providing the most optimum customer experience
• Ease of usage of the payment solution

InecoMobile was awarded “Best Mobile Banking Application – Armenia” due to positive attributes such as:

• The overall number of users for the mobile banking application
• Use of technology in the application
• Positive and satisfactory customer feedback
• Cyber Security implementation of Fraud prevention measures
• Transactional features of the mobile application
• Ease of usage of the mobile application

The Global Business Outlook Banking Award recognizes the exception efforts of the institutions that have worked tirelessly, meticulously and with a sense of great responsibility to maintain and improve the financial foundations of the world—and have constantly evolved and stayed one step ahead of uncertainty and risk.

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