Is your child ready for first grade but misses the cutoff date? We place children by ability level and start learning the day they arrive.

MILTON, MA, March 05, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Every student learns at a different pace, which is why your 4 year old might be ready for kindergarten. A lot of parents choose to hold students back an extra year, especially if their birthdays miss the cutoff, but this may not be necessary. At Delphi Boston your child is placed in an academic level that is designed to fit their learning capability.

Schools have seen parents waiting an extra year to enroll their child in kindergarten. While this is completely okay, it may not be necessary. A big concern of young parents is enrolling their child on time and having them be placed in a classroom with kids who could be as much as 16 months older than them. At Delphi Boston, this isn’t an issue. Every student works at their own place with a tailored curriculum. This breaks down the age barrier when determining if you 4 year old is ready for school.

Age has slowly become an irrelevant factor when determining your child’s “readiness” for school. Instead it is more important to focus on their cognitive abilities, physical and social skills. While there is no one single factor that determines their readiness, a child’s ability to think logically, speak clearly, and interact well with other children and adults are all critically important to success in school.

If your child can communicate well, follow basic directions and is starting to understand basic academic concepts, you may want to consider enrolling them in kindergarten – even if they are only 4 years old.

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Delphi Academy of Boston is an independent, coeducational, non-sectarian day school offering a preschool through eighth grade program. Academics focus on providing students with a solid grounding in the basics, a rich and challenging hands-on curriculum and the ability to study purposefully and independently. Children may enroll as early as two years and nine months in the preschool program. To find out more visit

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