JinYong today announced that it will continue to supply pole line hardware to the Dominican Republic Market.

RENQIU, CHINA, August 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Hebei JinYong Electrical Equipment Manufacturing CO., LTD (JinYong), today announced that it will continue to supply pole line hardware to the Dominican Republic Market. For the last seven years, JinYong has been supplying pole line hardware to telecommunication and electricity distribution companies in the Dominican Republic.

Companies in the Dominican Republic will access a range of pole line hardware such as steel cross arm, socket clevis, ball clevis, yoke plate, stay rod, guy thimble, secondary rack, secondary clevis, pole band, anchor rod, guy clamp, pole top bracket and pole top pin, among others.

“JinYong will continue to support the Dominican Republic Market with its new designs of pole line hardware for the efficient and safe supply of various utilities via poles,” said Joy, JinYong Marketing Manager. “Our pole line hardware conforms to the set industry standards and meet the specific requirements in the Dominican Republic.”

For a steady supply of pole line hardware, JinYong is cooperating with companies and businesses in the Dominican Republic. At the moment, JinYong supplies three containers with pole line hardware to Caucedo Port in the Dominican Republic.

As an expert in pole line hardware design, JinYong adheres to strict quality control (QC) in all stages in the manufacturing process. From the selection of material, machining, fabrication to finishing procedures, JinYong produces durable, strong and robust pole line hardware.

For over seven years in the Dominican Republic Market, JinYong has not received any complaints about its pole line hardware. With years of experience in the industry, JinYong knows how to control the quality of all its pole line hardware.

Also available are custom made pole line hardware for specific needs of customers.

To improve the surface finish of pole line hardware, JinYong uses other technologies such as hot-dip galvanizing. It has modern equipment to improve pole line hardware production.

About JinYong

Hebei JinYong Electrical Equipment Manufacturing CO., LTD is a leading manufacturer and designer of pole line hardware, street light arm, ADSS/OPGW Accessories and industrial fasteners.

With over 12 years’ experience, JinYong invests in new machines and strict QC. It produces accurate and precise electrical hardware.

JinYong has thousands of semi-automatic molds, automatic machines and knows the market needs and dynamics. JinYong produces both standard and custom electrical pole line hardware.

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Tel: 0086-317 2672011
Website: https://www.hbjinyong.com/

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