Coping with layoffs during the new normal

SAN DIEGO, CA, March 24, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Coronavirus-related layoffs are impacting more people in the U.S. than the disease itself. Sadly, we are seeing just the tip of the layoff iceberg.

Laid off employees will face a tight labor market. Many won’t have been in the job market in years. Without relevant job hunting skills, some may not even know where to start. They will need help.

Managing Layoffs
Doing the right thing for their employees is essential for any employer who has ever uttered “Employees are our most valuable asset.” An important part of doing the right thing is giving all laid off employees the tools they need to optimize their efforts to get reemployed.

While traditional outplacement services are designed to do just that, they are expensive and typically cover only a portion of separating employees. They also add to an employer’s cost at the same time they are trying to reduce expenses.

Jeff Rogers, CEO of Job Hunter Pro (, has announced that his company will provide outplacement to 100% of any organization’s laid off workforce at zero cost. Whether the layoffs are directly related to coronavirus or some other reason, there will be no charge.

Any organization, regardless of size, can take advantage of this offer. In addition, payroll companies, PEOs, HROs, ASOs, benefit companies, and the like, can provide Job Hunter Pro’s outplacement to their customers at no cost.

It also means libraries, social service agencies, military veteran organizations, and others can now offer free job search support to those they serve.

Users get 24/7 access to curated eLearning tools and resources covering resume, cover letter, networking, interviewing, and related topics. They’ll also get access to over a million job postings.

Considering the millions of pandemic-related jobless claims being filed, this is a big deal. As the U.S. transitions from the recent glut of job openings to a tight job market, the economic and personal impact will be enormous.

“We have difficult times ahead. This is the right thing at the right time. It’s good for employees, employers, and the country,” Jeff said. “It is my hope that other human capital management companies will develop similar responses.”

Working together, we can regain our health and prosperity.

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