How to prevent and repair frost heave

NEW YORK, NY, February 14, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Frost heave is a serious problem that affects hardscaping work in much of the northeast. It occurs when the ground beneath stone or brickwork freezes and causes the stone or brick to be pushed out of place. This generally happens in walkways and patios that use pavers, flagstones, and concrete. John Mini Distinctive Landscapes can help you to prevent or remediate frost heave.

The best way to protect yourself against frost heave is in the installation process. Expert installers like the staff at John Mini Distinctive Landscapes can use preventative measures while installing to keep frost heave from occuring in the first place. The soil type and drainage are major factors and if both are addressed in the installation, frost heave will likely never occur.

“Our trained team of installers ensures that walkways and other hardscaping work is meticulously installed to prevent damage from situations such as frost heave,” said Keith Behringer, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes business development manager. “In most cases we can repair damage that occurs from frost heave as well, but in extreme cases a complete replacement may be required.”

If frost heave damage is something you’re already dealing with, then expert installers from John Mini Distinctive Landscapes may be able to help. The damaged work can be removed, the base can be fixed, and the stones can be replaced to restore your landscape to its original beauty.

Trust the experts at John Mini Distinctive Landscapes to do all your landscaping and hardscaping work. If you’re looking to revitalize your landscape, don’t hesitate, contact them today to schedule an appointment and they’ll turn your landscape into something truly impressive.

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