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GUANGZHOU, CHINA, April 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — For small businesses that want to start their own face mask manufacturing facilities, having a dependable production line is crucial. The quality and durability of face masks will heavily depend on the machines used. These machines will impact the success of a business in the future.

However, the wide variety of face mask making machines makes it hard to choose the right one. But luckily, medical trade platforms, like KP Medical Supplies, are there to help in finding certified face mask making machine suppliers. KP can assist in finding the ideal machine whether to create flat or three-dimensional face masks.

Below are the types of face mask making machines found in KP’s medical trade platform:

Flat Face Mask Machines
Flat face mask making machines are classified into three:

1. Inner Ear Band Mask Machines
Built from aluminum alloy.
Utilize ultrasonic welding to fix ear bands permanently inside the face mask’s body.
It can reduce the error rate through photoelectric detection.
Come with an ultrasonic transducer that guarantees consistent operation and stable performance.

2. Outer Ear Band Mask Machines
It only requires one operator.
Have an automatic process with a high output rate.
Adjustable welding strength of the ear strap.
Stable PLC control panel with a low failure rate.

3. Strap Mask Machines
They adopt the ultrasonic welding technique to weld straps. Thus, producing a uniform finish (±1mm deviation only).
Highly-automated with adjustable speed.

Three-Dimensional Face Mask Machines
Like flat face mask making machines, three-dimensional face mask making machines also have three categories:

1. Cup-Shaped Mask Machines.
They handle the whole face mask manufacturing process from the formation and cutting of the masks.
Only require one operator to feed and retrieve completed face masks.
User-friendly touch screen control panel.

2. Duckbill Mask Machines
They use seamless ultrasonic welding to combine 4-10 filtering materials and PP fabric to create various filter levels (FFP1, FFP2, and N95).
Automatic raw material feeding, cutting, and nose line.

3. Folding Mask Machines
Fully-automated machines that employ ultrasonic welding to combine 3-5 layers of filler materials to create C-type face masks.
They can create face mask bodies like 3M 9001 and 3M 9002 with pressure-free flexible ear bands.

About KP Medical Supplies
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