The global lithium mining company Lagrange Minerals Inc. have revealed today that they will move forward with an IPO

PHOENIX, AZ, January 19, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The global lithium mining company Lagrange Minerals Inc. have revealed today that they will move forward with an IPO and publicly list the company on the stock market in New York by the end of 2018.

Lagrange Minerals’ IPO is much anticipated amongst the investment banking industry for reasons due to the value of extensively large lithium deposits that the company owns the rights to in Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Lagrange Minerals have also greatly impressed industry experts by forging alliances with major global players in the lithium industry such as Tesla Inc. and SQM, the Chilean chemical and mining giant.

At the company’s site in Atacama, Chile, Lagrange’s COO, Steven McNulty said, “The time is right for the company to proceed with our IPO aspirations. The timing could not be better than now to make an IPO very successful and financially rewarding for our shareholders. The U.S. stock markets are at record highs with absolutely no sign of a shift in the market’s upward trend. The Corporate Tax Cut Bill passed by Congress are giving very positive results on the markets and the effects that the tax cuts are producing are still in the early days.”

Lagrange Minerals, CEO, Michael Harding says , “The IPO listing will take place on the New York Stock Exchange within 2018. We are aiming for the 3rd quarter of the year but depending on certain factors it may go ahead a bit earlier or a slightly later. The faster the better is best and we want to move quickly during these boom times for the lithium mining industry.”

Mr. Harding added, “Contracts for underwriting the IPO are in the final stages of being confirmed with 3 of the world’s biggest investment banks. The lead underwriters will be a household name that have brought some of the biggest ever deals to the market. We will announce more specifics once the contracts are signed.”

Michael Harding also stated, “Very shortly we will allow our institutional investors and shareholders to offer pre-IPO shares to their own clients, whether they be private or corporate investors. Pre-IPO shares will be sold at the present audited value of our company’s shares.”

Lagrange Minerals Inc. will continue to release information regarding developments towards the IPO listing as each stage of the process is finalized.

About the Company:
Lagrange Minerals Inc. controls the Salar De Sol Brillante Lithium Brine Project, located in the Atacama Region of Northern Chile, in a joint venture partnership with SQM, The company also maintains a large lithium brine project in Catamarca Province in northwest Argentina. Furthermore Lagrange Minerals Inc. is developing the largest lithium project in North America at Zacatecas State, Mexico.

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