Blockchain App Factory provides innovative white-label cryptocurrency exchange solutions that feature a variety of trading options along with automation and easy liquidation of funds.

SINGAPORE, March 23, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The global cryptocurrency trading volume has been on the rise over the past couple of years. Meanwhile, pundits peg the average daily trading volume at an enormous $25 billion and with more than 2000 cryptocurrencies in circulation, this number is only set to grow. It is not rocket science, but cryptocurrency exchanges have played a significant role in propelling these trends. Though there exists an evergreen demand for newer cryptocurrency exchanges, the market requires platforms that are feature-rich and support different types of trading patterns.

“No matter what happens to crypto prices, the constantly profitable entities are the exchanges. That’s what we set up for our customers end-to-end,” said a spokesperson for Blockchain App Factory.

Traditionally, exchanges only allowed users to capitalize on the price volatility of cryptocurrencies, but now customers are looking for different trading models to enhance their experience and increase profits. Since cryptocurrency is exchanged on the lines of forex or stock, it becomes logical to adopt trading techniques mastered by these markets.

Apart from fundamental trading features such as market orders, limit orders and stop orders, today’s exchanges also need to focus on complex patterns such as trailing stop orders or limits and reverse orders. Moreover, there is a strong need for automation, and this is addressed through the introduction of trading bots to the Cryptocurrency Exchange Software. These trading bots are highly programmable and help a trader to manage their portfolios efficiently.

“Today, cryptocurrency trading has evolved into a complex and serious activity. While the emphasis on security and reliability has always been important, traders are now looking for platforms that provide a variety of modern features that range from different trading techniques to automation,” added the spokesperson.

Blockchain App Factory has established itself as a leading blockchain and cryptocurrency development company. They have unparalleled experience and knowledge when it comes to building White label Crypto Exchanges that are feature-rich, customizable and allow scalability. They also provide premium services in Security Token Exchange Development. Blockchain App Factory offers a diverse set of solutions that make their products stand out from the competition.

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