Company head, Marcia Elder, Has Tailored Service to Business Owners, At-Home Workers & Recently Unemployed

TALLAHASSEE, FL, March 30, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — The nation and the world are facing an unprecedented challenge due to the Coronavirus. As one of many impacts, retail stores across the country (along with prominent wholesale and online outlets) have encountered shortages of needed supplies. At the same time, as the virus has continued to spread, avoiding stores has become a recommended precautionary measure.

A Website is available featuring things that people need right now or will/may need in the weeks or months ahead — including items that wouldn’t necessarily be thought of in advance. Products on the site – — range from the basics like toilet paper and an array of prevention items (hand sanitizer, facemasks, disposable gloves, cleaning products, vitamin C, etc.) to an assortment of goods and services for businesses and workers.

For businesses, a host of productivity, management and performance related products are featured on another page of the site – – to help employers and employees alike as more people are having to work from home. Some products are downloadable, meaning immediate availability and not having to face germs by going to a store or handling shipped merchandise.

As many businesses and other organizations have been canceling events in response to the virus, a detailed do-it-yourself kit is included to guide organizations in creating their own online events and virtual meetings. The host company for the Website has been an expert in planning, organizing, promoting and conducting Webinars, Webcasts and large-scale online events since 2005.

The company is also offering a virtual coaching service for those who simply want to ask questions, get feedback and hear ideas on what they can do to keep their businesses going and strong by utilizing virtual resources. The focus can be broad or a detailed form of technical support, like specific aspects of effectively setting up and conducting a live online event. Coaching sessions are available online or by phone in time increments of one hour or more and include after hour time-slots.

Coaching and technical support appointments are also available for employees as well as displaced workers (those laid off temporarily or permanently). Examples there include creative ways to look for a job and how to stand out as a job candidate — or how to start your own home-based business.

The stress of Coronavirus impacts has taken its toll on many, with further demands projected. So the site also addresses another specialty of the company: emotional well-being and empowerment. Proven-effective products are included on stress management and dealing with depression, fear, loss of sleep and other human impacts, needs and solutions.

A mix of products disappeared from store shelves as the virus began to spread, causing alarm for many consumers. High-demand products have been depleted through online outlets as well. As a result, products on the company’s “One Stop” Website are being updated daily, with postings of only products and brands that actually are available.

The site boasts being a one stop shopping hub and, in regard to the Coronavirus, one where a wide span of needed products may be accessed all in one place. The host company is seeing to it that out-of-stock merchandise is removed and, wherever possible, replacement sources found. Notes Elder, “we’ve done the legwork in researching available items, so you don’t have to”.

The host company, CPI Consulting, has been in business for over 30 years. Time and again they’ve combined public service values with their business model which has long focused on making a positive contribution to the world through the type of work they do. On that front, they also encourage consumers to be prepared for times of emergency while not hoarding supplies and while lending a hand to others in need. Some items on the site could help local medical personnel across the country who are pleading for donations.

The Website is The main company Website is

CPI Consulting has been in business for over 35 years providing a range of high impact consulting services and products to businesses, government, nonprofits and the public. Strategic communications, planning, Internet marketing, technical expertise in various fields, and professional development training are among their specialties. Their main Website is: For over a decade they’ve also managed The Virtual Solutions Center,, and they host the Marcia Elder, who heads the company, holds a graduate degree in engineering and was a Trainer for Anthony Robbins seminars for 10 years, as two of many credentials.

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