Veterinarian practices really benefit from Preferred Patron’s behavioral, trigger-based and drip delivery marketing capabilities.

NORTHFIELD, NJ, August 06, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — “When thinking of DVM Marketing for veterinarian practices, loyalty programs do not seem overly relevant, so we thought,” says Christopher Silvestri of Preferred Market Solutions, LLC. “Quite unexpectedly, we have learned in recent years that loyalty programs are not only relevant but have demonstrated significant value when implemented strategically in the veterinarian industry, as much so as any other industry,” says Chris.

Preferred Market Solutions has been working closely with agencies who specialize in DVM marketing to tailor the Preferred Patron Loyalty system specifically for use by DVM marketing agencies. “Over the course of the last few years we have streamlined the Preferred Patron system to meet the demands of DVM agencies. One example allows DVM agencies to submit periodical marketing publications to their veterinarian clients, for pre-distribution approval, with a single click,” says Chris. Agencies can author their publications, either externally or internally using the built-in authoring tools, proof them and distribute them in mass to their practices, as easy as 1-2-3. Only after each practice has reviewed and approved each publication, does the publication get distributed to the pet owners of each practice, instantly or at a deferred time! “The best part is,” according to Chris, “all the power and flexibility of the Preferred Patron marketing engine is natively integrated into this process, so each pet parent receives a personalized marketing piece from the veterinarian practice they know and recognize, tailored specifically to them, verses a generic ‘mass-publication’ from an unrecognizable third-party agency.”

Veterinarian practices really benefit from Preferred Patron’s behavioral, trigger-based and drip delivery marketing capabilities. A pet owner comes in for an appointment and based on specific attributes of that visit, the pet owner automatically receives follow-up communications and incentives relative to their pet’s last visit, at defined delay intervals. They will even receive follow-up communications and incentives, again after defined periods, based on the pet owner’s engagement with the prior communications! The system is so flexible, this cause-and-effect chain of events can repeat dynamically, based on rules and conditions, for as long as it remains applicable to the pet owner. “It’s a process that works really well in keeping pet owners engaged and up-to-date with their pet care and really helps to boost recommended but optional treatments and related ancillary purchases!” says Chris.

Other relevant features of the system include incentive-based marketing, bounce back cash, reminders and notifications via SMS text message, the ability to track specific attributes of each pet, such as pet name, date of birth, breed, etc., and the ability to market on auto-pilot using visit, treatment and purchase history.

“The proof is in the pudding,” says Chris. “We have observed client engagement rates for veterinarian practices using our system well over industry averages.” That’s largely attributed to the interest level of caring pet owners combined with our e-mail accreditation and reputation score of 99 and delivery rate of 99.45%. Simply put, that means more successful communication to pet owners, especially when other channels such as SMS text and Social Media are incorporated!

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