Media Release Canada – joins forces with Ed Rempel as a highly sought after “Keynote Financial Speaker”.

TORONTO, ON, November 08, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Media Release: Sources is proud to introduce, announce and promote Ed Rempel as a vetted Canadian Financial Expert that delivers the straight goods on money and personal finance. Sources has met with Ed and thoroughly reviewed his life’s work, experience and writings in an in depth interview. It is with great pride to make known the hard work, accomplishments and future endeavors of this professional who is destined to give back and pay it forward for the benefit and advantage of the average Canadian.

Sources acknowledges Ed Rempel and EDREMPEL.ORG for contributions and collaboration on and with Canadian Financial Literacy and the “Poverty Sucks” Campaign. Ed his friends and associates all agree a bold, new and assertive group and activities are much needed. Ed Rempel, The Canadian Capitalist and MONEY.CA spearhead the small, growing group of individuals who care and can make a difference.

Sources will follow all of these dynamic people and this special group and will encourage any and all to help or get financial help. Sources Press Release alongside professional mainstream press and media attention reach far and wide when any relative company and person joins Sources for the first time. Learn more about Sources – Ed Rempel – MONEY.CA and Canadian Financial Literacy services and programs. is an information portal for journalists, freelance writers, news editors, authors, researchers and journalism students – and a resource for organizations, institutions, businesses, and individuals who want to get media coverage of their expertise and their views on newsworthy topics.

EDREMPEL.ORG promises to encourage and help develop products, services, information and valuable advice for years to come. Learn more about how you can contribute, collaborate or communicate with Canadian financial consumers in a simple and effective way. Help explain the small print and the fuzzy math to those Canadian’s who need simple, plain and true information and disclosure.

Join us for all the right reasons.
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Toronto, Canada

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