Find out more about the important trends in engineering today – specifically women engineer initiatives in “Women in Engineering.”

CHICAGO, IL, February 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — New Engineer magazine, a trusted professional journal for college engineering students, has released its latest issue. We jump right into learning all about an education and a career in engineering – one of the fastest growing industries.

The cover story for this issue, “Aerospace Engineering: Aeronautical vs. Astronautical” learn about a career that focuses on how things work above us, in the air. The author breaks down what it would be like to be an aerospace engineer, from the importance of working with a team, designing and developing military aircraft, missiles, space robots and many other components that encompass this complex yet fascinating career choice. The author closes this article with insight on a young student choosing to declare this major and what it means for her going forward.

“It is important that we have college students majoring in Engineering,” says Steven Polydoris, Editor and Publisher, “not only is there a high demand but there is so much room for opportunity and personal growth once they graduate.”

Find out more about the important trends in engineering today – specifically women engineer initiatives in “Women in Engineering.” Even before it was socially acceptable for women to work in such a field as engineering, many of the biggest contributions in engineering were made by women. Suzanne Deffree, director of ESC notes, “diversity within key industries bring more creativity, innovation, and better financial results. We need a large and more diverse group of professional engineers in the US.” The article notes that although women are pursuing careers in engineering, there is still a need for diversity in the field.

Look at some of the greatest engineering achievements in the fun and easy to read article titled, “The Top 18 Greatest Achievements of the 20th Century.” Learn some interesting facts about different laws around the world in the article, “The Worlds Strangest Laws.”

The demand for Engineers is high, but find out why the demand for structural engineers is especially high in “Top Tips for Young Structural Engineers.” The author touches on key steps young professionals in this field can take to maximize their personal effectiveness and increase prospects.

Featured Advertisers in the issue include Mississippi State University – Bagley College of Engineering, KU School of Engineering, University at Buffalo and University of Washington.

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