As food delivery becomes the norm accounting for a big portion of sales, restaurants are losing revenue to third-party food delivery companies. Nirvana XP’s integrated Driver App launching at the NRA Show (May 19-22) is a much-needed solution.

CHICAGO, IL, May 21, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nirvana XP, an enterprise restaurant management platform is launching its Driver app at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show 2018 (May 19-22) at the Mc Cormick Center in Chicago, Ilinois. Driver App’s seamless integration with the Nirvana XP Business application is addressing the biggest challenge for foodservice operators, who are paying lots of money and risking potential food mishandling by third-party food delivery companies.

“Are you making food to make Uber Eats, DoorDash and Seamless profitable?” asks Kris Parikh, founder, and CEO of Nirvana XP. “This was the sentiment across the board last year, and the problem is mounting.”

“The dilemma is that diners are looking for convenience and as delivery services are increasing in popularity, consumers are using Uber Eats, DoorDash and Seamless for a greater share of their meals. Delivery orders are beginning to replace dining in during weeknights,” he added.

According to Kris, restaurants are losing 20-40% of the revenue per order to third-party food delivery companies. In an industry with high overheads and tight profit margins, this means reduced profitability and possible closure.

“The launch of Nirvana XP‘s Driver app provides a welcome relief to restaurant owners, who cannot afford not to offer food delivery, but are seeing revenue eaten up by third-party food delivery companies,” Kris said.

“We have created the Driver app so restaurants can overcome the big dilemma facing them. It has robust features, like complete order tracking, driver assignment, order status updates, driving, routing and navigation as well as real-time estimated arrival time. The app has everything the restaurant owner needs logistically as well as the driver. Of course, the most important component of the app is the customer experience, which is at the heart of our platform.”

Moreover, restaurant operators can control when they want to deliver.

“Often, even when restaurants are overwhelmed, they are not able to control or stop delivery during those times. This can lead to unhappy customers when orders aren’t delivered on time, thereby increasing the likelihood of negative reviews and a bad taste in the customer’s mouth,” Kris concluded.

Press Inquiries: We are at Booth #6970 at the National Restaurant Association’s NRA Show (May 19-22) in Chicago, Illinois.

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About Nirvana XP: Nirvana XPTM is an Enterprise Restaurant Management Platform, a truly intuitive, single, mobile application platform for all your business needs. It brings multiple applications onto one simplified platform. Founder Kris Parikh developed a quick, intuitive, truly integrated, and secure mobile application platform by combining cloud-based technology and mobility. Nirvana XP offers an all-in-one, feature-rich, fully customizable, and affordable solution for business owners with integrated order management and performance, smooth inventory tracking, customer relationship management, and real-time cloud reporting.

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